Anyone want to move from Invision Power Board to Discourse?

(Jay Pfaffman) #1

A while back I wrote an import script for an Invision Power Board forum to Discourse. That forum had a bunch of peculiarities (e.g., it had been imported from at least one other site, and it was in a language that I don’t speak). I’d like to clean up the script and see that it’ll work against another IPBoard database.

If you’ve got an IPBoard site and would like to see what it looks like in Discourse, please let me know.

(Richard Millington) #3

This is probably borderline of what we might classify as self-promotional and remove (as much as we love you personally :slight_smile: ).

What I’d suggest to everyone in the community is to generally post a discussion and asking people if they are considering doing [x], what are their experiences of it, why would they want to move, what do they want to see?

If someone responds, then drop them a line on a private message and offer to help.

It doesn’t matter in the singular occurrence, but at scale I can imagine this might be a bit of a problem.