Anyone managing Facebook groups?


(Srdjan Popovic) #1

Hey guys!

I would love to connect with anyone who is building/managing/moderating their community using Facebook groups. What’s working for you? What challenges are you facing?

Looking forward to meet.


(Darren Gough) #2

Hey @srdjanpopovic

Not my forte, but was going to recommend joining a couple of facebook groups who manage their community, about community. Just thinking it might help you to connect to people who are doing just that on topic:

Is that useful to you?

(Srdjan Popovic) #3

That’s very helpful Darren, thanks!

(Heather Ausmus) #4

Hi @srdjanpopovic, I’d also recommend checking out the CMX Hub group on Facebook. You’ll find quite a few people that manage Facebook groups and can help answer your questions there. I’d recommend browsing and searching recent threads as you may find some helpful discussions right away to join.

(Srdjan Popovic) #5

Hey @hausmus, thanks for your input! Someone in another thread suggested that group to me as well and it’s been very helpful. Cheers!