Anyone ever expand their Community Gamification outside the Community ecosystem?

We have the vision to extend the idea of ‘community’ outside of the spectrum of our Community platform itself - we feel the activity there is siloed and there are valuable actions which should count towards badged accomplishments.

Not only do we want our members to level up their Community badges via engagement on Community but we’d like to reward them for attending webinars, liking help center articles, completing learning courses etc.

However, there are about 3 platforms we’d need link-up to the gamification to do this between our KB, Community and LMS.

Has anyone ever accomplished this ‘global’ gamification across platforms or have seen it done? Is there a preferred community vendor we could build out from their existing gamification via API, or would it need to be something I would have to build from scratch?

Love to get some insight, thanks


Hi @steverowe,

We’ve done work like this for clients. It’s possible to do this with Khoros, Salesforce, and probably other platforms via the API as you say. I know bunchball worked well with Jive on this - but I haven’t seen an implementation with Salesforce/Khoros yet.

It just depends if there is an open 3rd party database which can trigger events to an API that connects to the vendor system.

There are two primary ways of doing it.

Example 1 : Member completes a certification, it triggers an event to the API which adds a badge to the member in the community. You can also use the formula for progressing up a level includes the badge.

i.e. to reach level 20 you need to complete this certificate.

Example 2 : Member completes a certification (or any behavior), it triggers an event in the API which adds 50 ‘arbitrary_points’ to the profile. These are combined with other points to set the ranks for members.

Essentially this broadens somewhat what is possible. Courses and certifications are relatively easy. You can also include broader ambassador behaviors.

This is exactly it Richard, I rather the point system, example 2. On some Communities I feel like I’ll go a little crazy if I get another random badge notification for doing something very little. I don’t mind a reward but I’d rather a tally of points which results in something cool at a later stage.

I’m knee deep in API documentation at the moment to see what’s possible - great to hear you’ve done/heard of this before, thanks!

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We’re looking to do some thing similar Stephen and develop a points system that rewards members for behaviors that add value to community members, I’d be interested to see where you take this.

We see those points, in theory, as a way to develop a Community Engagement Score which we could also then use as one data point on our overall Customer Success Health scorecard.

We did plan to keep Academy badges separate so they become a status symbol in their own right, but thinking about it, there’s no reason we couldn’t add points in that situation, alongside the certification badge

@jonleighton Really good idea around the health score. Right now we make community activity per customer visible to success team. Really useful info to see, and certainly adds health to the account. Having the gamification metric added though would really add a lot of value to the health.

I wonder if @HAWK has ever seen this done with Discourse…?

Sure have. We do it ourselves. We use a plugin which awards Discourse badges based on the number of PRs to our github repo.

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