Anyone building a superuser or ambassador program?


(Sarah Hawk) #1

I’ve finally finished my research project into ambassador/superuser programs and have written an in depth strategy and planning guide.

Before we launch it I’d love some feedback. Is anyone in the consideration or planning stages and would find this useful?

(Jess Halverson Bowyer) #2

Yes! Working on a new strategy for our coming FY - I would definitely find this useful. I’ll be incorporating member ambassadors/superusers/community managers, and I’d love to read some best research.

(Sarah Hawk) #3

Great, thanks Jess. I’ll send you through a link later today.

(Wouter Schrijvershof) #4

I would love to take a look!

(Juan chadarevian) #5

I would love to see it as well. We are launching an ambassador program next month.


(Meg Barbolini) #6

I’d love to see your superuser strategy guide. I’ve spent the last two years growing and building a global Community contributor program, and I’d love to share your best practices and offer feedback.

Thanks for putting it out there!

(Colleen Young) #7

@hawk. I’d be welcome the opportunity to review and contrast and compare with the program I’ve developed/am developing.

An aside: we just hosted our inaugural Mentor Meetup (our ambassadors are called Mentors). It was very successful and I’m confident that bringing them to an in-person event will positively benefit the community. Additional, I was able to gather insights from them about what they would like in terms of information, direction and support as ambassadors.

(Sarah Hawk) #8

Thanks all. At this point I need feedback within a pretty short timeframe (ideally next week). It’s a 60 page doc.
Is that feasible? If not, I hope to have it live within the next few weeks.

(Katherine Mancuso) #9

Hi Hawk!

Great timing as one of my former clients is looking to come back to us for their ambassador program and I’m working out a service package for them as we speak, shoot it over and I’ll give you some feedback this weekend or early next week.


(Meg Barbolini) #10

I’m happy to put in the time to read and offer my thoughts/what’s worked for me, especially if you can give a little more info around where you’d like me to center my feedback!

(Sarah Hawk) #11

Thanks Meg. Email coming through. :slight_smile:
Welcome to the community BTW.

(Simon Kennedy) #12

Hi Sarah,

We are building an Ambassador network at Classlist and I would be really interested to read your paper.

Many thanks, Simon

(Luca Tiralongo) #13

Hi Sarah, yes we are at Greenpeace, mostly for internal tools’ super users. Please keep me in the loop with this - thank you - Luca

(Karen Browning) #14

@HAWK As a community consultant, I don’t work with one specific community, but work with several clients managing a variety of communities. I have one who has launched a successful champions program and have two others who are exploring putting one in place. I’d be happy to review your resource this week and if not, look forward to seeing the finished product.

(Juan chadarevian) #15

I will try to give you feedback as soon as possible. Any specific point you want me to focus?

(Rachel McGuigan) #16

@HAWK I am interested as well!

(Ingrid Peters) #17

I am in the middle of writing an ambassador and expert program and I actually have a meeting about it tomorrow morning. I’d find this very useful!

(Shannon Lougee) #18

I am the Manager of an online student learning community which is run by a team of student volunteers (Student Ambassadors). I would love to take a look and offer any applicable insights that I’ve gained in developing this program. I’m certain I will learn a lot from you as well! Interestingly, in building the program, I asked our Ambassadors to give feedback and to contribute their ideas throughout. Not only has it made for a much better program, but is a great tool for engaging them. Including them in the building the program and showing them that we value their experience as students, has been a powerful force for engagement.

(Katie Paffhouse Bussey) #19

Hi! It sounds like I’m too late to review, but am replying to keep an eye on this guide. We have plans to build two champion programs this year, so such a resource would be timely!

(Sarah Hawk) #20

Thanks for the interest everyone, it’s been overwhelming!

I have a team of beta reviewers now but hope to have the content live in the next couple of weeks.