Any tips on removing a Moderator?

(Travis King) #1

One of our moderators has been coming increasingly difficult. Removing them as a moderator has the potential to create a flame war on the forums.

Any suggestions on how to break it to them gently or should I put on my asbestos undies?

(Piper_Wilson) #2

This is a tough one. Be prepared with those undies, but don’t change yet.

You may have already done these things so these questions are also suggestions.

  • Have you spoken to the moderator off site to see if there’s something going on in their life that is making moderation difficult for them?
  • Have you asked them about their behavior?
  • How long has the behavior been going on?
  • Is this type of thing typical of a moderator life cycle on your forum?
  • Have you reminded them of your expectations for moderators?

I recommend talking to the moderator as best as you can. They may be frustrated by something that you’ll be able to address. Even if you can’t fix it, being heard can go a long way toward diffusing strong emotions.

(Travis King) #3

Yes we’ve had multiple contact listing what they had been doing wrong and the conduct we expect in the future. It may be time to rip on the band-aid :frowning:

(Sarah Hawk) #4

I’ve had to do this a few times and it sucks.

A couple of things that I’ve learned over the years:

  • Give a couple of clear written warnings first so that they have the chance to change their behaviour, and so that you have a paper trail if they don’t.
  • Give the mod a chance to step down gracefully before removing them.
  • If you do have to remove them, be very transparent about what has happened with the other mods so that rumours don’t start. I’ve seen an entire team fall apart because communication wasn’t up front.

Good luck.

Edit: I didn’t see your update before posting. No 1 doesn’t apply by the sounds.

(Piper_Wilson) #5

I’m sorry you’re having to do this.

(Colleen Young) #6

Travis, are moderators paid or volunteers in your community? I’ve had to do this with our volunteer mentors who have moderating duties. It’s never easy.

(Travis King) #7

They’re all volunteers.

(Wouter Schrijvershof) #8

Keep a channel open for communication. It does not have to be the platform itself but make sure you are easy to reach for further questions or ventilation. It is better that you receive the heat than the forums.

(Robert McIntosh) #9

Since they are all volunteers, I assume they all care in some way about the community. They should realise, therefore, that if something has gone dramatically wrong, it is better for them to step aside. If they don’t, then they are not doing the job well enough to know, and build, the community and cannot therefore continue in any case.

We know nothing about what the cause of the difference is - maybe personal, or maybe about the direction of the community. If the latter, then at least acknowledge that they had, and have, a role to convince people (within the bounds of reasonable discussion) of their vision, but if they disagree to that extent then they have to accept that for the time being they should stand aside.

I had a similar issue personally, but it was ME that needed to leave since the other moderator I disagreed with was the site owner. It was therefore an easy decision to step aside. Maybe they might do the same?

(Michael Howard) #10

Moderator is a role - and it has power and carries social cachet within a community. Removing the role doesn’t necessarily mean that the person is removed from the community. It may be that they cannot continue to represent the organisation - perhaps because of personal opinions, disagreements etc. Allow and encourage them to step aside from the role but still continue as a valued and trusted member of the community. This should be by mutual agreement and without prejudice as the best way forward for the person, the community management and the wider community.
Good luck.

(tamara Parris) #11

Would need a bit more information to help find a proper resolution.

  • is their behaviour towards members rude or offensive? are they censoring posts using their own bias and beliefs? are they sharing views that are not within the values of the community management ethos? etc…

Each issue would have a different response.

can you expand on this thought?

Do you have moderator guidelines? I find this helps greatly keeping things on point.