Any Platforms indicate on the post the method of reply?

I remember years back AT&T community had a function whereby someone replied on their phone that there would be an indicator that the person had replied on their phone and you should be more considerate and excuse any gramatical errors. I don’t know if they were on Jive or Lithium at that time but wondered if there were other platforms that had such a funtion. Perhaps I could be misremembering and it was a mobile signature that was distinct from desktop signature?

Though Omniture and Google Analytics may capture session participation on desktops, mobile phones, tablets I would really like to know on the community, down to the user and the post level what device was used. Model and OS would be amazing! We need to have better awareness to shifts of our members usage patterns if they are using our communities on the go. I know apps like TapaTalk might also provide some of this information as I’ve seen vbulletin sites what input device data in the post.

Who has such functionality?

I know on Vanilla Forums it will indicate if the reply was via Email. I love that but wish I saw it on other platforms as well.