Any examples of digital advertising to recruit new community members?

Our client has budget for growing community membership. Anyone have any experience creating digital ads to increase membership? What worked, what didn’t work?

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Would you mind giving is more details on the kind of community this is?

That could help with suggestions, because traditionally, you wouldn’t want to advertise a community if that is done then it means the community mechanics is missing something, especially as the community is supposed to grow through referrals and mentions/shares from current members as they get value.

But that is for a traditional community. The community here maybe different, hence my question.

Thanks for the response! Indeed this is not a traditional community built for a specific brand or company, thus people wouldn’t necessarily “naturally” discover it, and hence the marketing budget. It’s a community dedicated to the advancement of Human Capital Management (HCM) and is looking to attract HR, Accounting, and Payroll professionals. It’s a free community with gated content, gamification, leaderboard, missions, webinars, networking, mentoring, etc.

Any thoughts or ideas on attracting new members would be appreciated.


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Ah! I see. It is a Learning Community or a Community of Practice. Referrals are your best growth channel for this.

They’ll want to grow slow at first so they attract the right founding members, and then with these founding members, they’ll invite their friends and growth would happen from there.

See these articles:

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  2. Building for Believers - David Spinks' Newsletter

They’ll help you think about this nicely. If you like or still find this confusing, I can jump on a 15min call with you to discuss this in more detail.

Thanks so much Osioke! The David Spinks article is very interesting, and have signed up to his newsletter.


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