Any Community Managers in the San Francisco area?

(Justin Veenema) #1

Hey all!

As the title says, I’m looking for fellow Community peeps in the SF area. I help run the Unbounce Community along with the lovely @jess_burnham and I’ll be in the bay area next week for some work related stuff.

I would love to connect with other Community managers/coordinators in the area to chat about a few things, such as:

  • What kind of challenges you face
  • Engaging new users // prompting lurkers
  • community advocates/experts (aka your top 5% engaged)
  • communicating value from the Community to your organization (ie. ROI)
  • the future of Community

I’d be happy to meet up over coffee, lunch or even a beer if you’re so inclined (first drink is on me!). :beers:

Let me know and we’ll make it happen!


(Travis King) #2

With the all the tech startups I saw last time I was in San Fran I would expect the city to be bursting with Community managers :smiley:

(Justin Veenema) #3

Right?? I thought the same thing but I seem to be having a tough time. I think it’s because the term ‘Community Manager’ can be very broad. To be specific, I’m looking for folks who manage online Communities (whether they be facebook groups or user forums, like Lithium or Discourse).

Hopefully some peeps in the SFO area can chime in. :slight_smile:

(Richard Millington) #4

I’m in San Francisco all next week :slight_smile:

(Nikoletta Harrold) #5

There are ton of CMGRs in SF, there might even be a breakfast event if you are lucky. Ask this question here!

(Sarah Hawk) #6

Welcome Justin, great to hear from you.

@lizcrampton is in SF, as is @catykobe and @evan_hamilton1

(Liz Crampton) #7

Hi @justin_veenema_1,

There’s actually a CM meetup on Wed - you can check out the meetup here:

You could pop along to that or even contact the organizer? Happy to grab a beer before or after with you!


(Richard Millington) #8

I think that’s next week right?

(Justin Veenema) #9

Hey @lizcrampton,

Looks like that might be next week. Thanks for the intel though! I’ll reach out to you directly, hopefully we can set up that beer regardless. :slight_smile:

(Liz Crampton) #10

Oh yeah, my bad, that’s week after. Might be some good contacts there anyway :slight_smile:

(Victoria Fitoussi) #11

Hi there! I’m in the bay area. If you are in San Mateo at all I’m here during work hours! I’d love to talk about those things as well. I live in the city so outside work hours I can meet up there too.

(Betsy McMullin) #12

Hi Justin,

I am in SF near the AT&T ballpark. Would love to connect and grab a coffee tomorrow or Thursday. Are you free to meet during the workday?