An upcoming data / benchmarking project

Over the past year we’ve been steadily collecting data on some of the largest online communities for various analyses we’ve shared at times.

I’m contemplating at the moment a bigger data project. Ideally to create some benchmarks and metrics that become industry standards in different fields.

My question is what kind of data and insights do you want?

Are you interested in how other communities are doing? Are there specific metrics you want? How would you like the data presented? etc…? Should it be ongoing reports in different areas should it be some sort of interactive tool?

Let me know!

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I always appreciate your data gathering and number crunching, Rich. :slight_smile:

For data to be truly useful to me, if would need to be somewhat representative of the kind of community I run. Large, free, customer-service oriented communities – which often make up the core of data sets – don’t apply too much to my small (~500 person), paid ($29 / month, $249 annually), identity-based (multipotentialite) community.

If you do gather information about communities more like the Puttytribe, I’d like to know:

  • How long they retain paid members at different price points. For example, how do monthly retention rates after one month, three months, or a year change for a community that charges $99 / month vs. $9 / month? How many people cancel before their $1 for the first month trial ends? Obviously, the value members get and the systems/team the community has in place matters a ton. But just seeing this one data point would be really useful.
  • How do participation rates change in the first 1-3 months of membership based on the use of various onboarding systems? For example, using a real-time chat bot or a strategic automated email sequence (either segmented or unsegmented). I have a feeling gathering this kind of information might be impossible, but I’m throwing it out there.
  • What are the KPIs or OKRs small communities use to drive their big decisions?

As for how the data is presented, I’m all about the spreadsheet. If I could have a raw data dump in a spreadsheet and then slice-and-dice some anonymized information myself – that would be a dream!

I’ll take charts, graphs, or other visualized data however you can provide them if that’s best for others.