An 8 Step Onboarding Process

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“One of the hardest thing in growing any community is not finding new volunteers (though this can be difficult), the hardest thing is encouraging those new volunteers through the initial process of contributing and continuing those contributions over time.” by DbHurley

What are your onboarding processes? Can you describe how you implemented it on your community and establish a system that will empower your volunteers? Which are your baby-steps? How you build a process that check the member position on the onboarding path?

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Hi @ale_fattorini

I think i posted about member onboarding elsewhere. We’re not currently recruiting volunteers, but might be something we’re looking at in the future.

With clients the process follows one of three methods:

1) Headhunt skilled people. Find the people who have the most experience/skill/charisma to offer the community and gradually nurture them to take on real roles within the group through lots of flattery/impact.

2) Create roles and let people apply. Create specific roles that package up the good and bad things of volunteering. a lot of people just give volunteers the work they don’t want to do. A good role should encompass the bad stuff like moderating/removing content, with the good stuff - such as creating content, managing groups etc. CMX does this pretty well.

3) Commitment consistency - similar to the first, but find people that have made a good contribution and ask them to take the next step on that commitment ladder - such as writing a guest column.

We don’t usually have a system to automate it, but probably could with the right volunteers.

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Great advice here, thanks!
Thinking to a member roadmap is easier for me, always suggesting things for them to do. What do you think?

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I’ve seen people use the commitment curve for this. Douglas Atkin talked about it at our last event. Try slide 33 here:

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Uh, really helpful! “Scaled asks” is the most interesting part…

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I tried to follow your link to the 8 Step Onboarding process but it does not seem to be working - any help would be appreciated.


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Unfortunately I don’t find the post anymore :-\

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Thank you!!

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Thank you!

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Yes, very helpful. I appreciate it.