Allow job postings in B2B community?

(Leo Daley) #1

I’ve had a member request we set up a discussion group of job postings related to expertise in our technology domain. There are some concerns that such a group could:

  • Be a source for our employees to search for outside jobs
  • Allow members to attract/recruit our employees
  • Allow members to attract/recruit experienced employees from each other

I’ve looked at the Salesforce Community, and they’re very transparent with 2 main groups plus Appexchange jobs.

Has anyone faced this with their B2B community, and if so, how did you proceed? Any caveats?


(Sarah Hawk) #2

Interesting dilemma.

I haven’t come across something similar, so this is based on gut feeling only, but if people are looking for other work then they’ll find it somewhere. If there is value in this for your audience then I think it would probably be worth doing.

That said, is there somewhere else that they could go to have these discussions, and why the expectation that your employees would be taking part?

(Piper_Wilson) #3

I have no experience with this but I do have some thoughts.

Is it possible that this is a way to measure how successful your company is as an employer? If you set up the group and bunches of people start jumping ship, my gut tells me that there’s something there y’all should look at.

I agree with this and I’ll go one step further. Other businesses can look attractive to employees even without a job posting. For example, there are folks here that I’d love to work for even though I have no idea if they’re even looking.

None of this means I think you should do it and danged the consequences. The concerns you listed seem quite valid to me. This is simply what popped into my head.

(Leo Daley) #4

Luckily for me and over 5,000 others, we’re a great place to work. I’m more concerned with our member customers being upset that we’re providing a forum for their employees to jump ship.

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(Sarah Hawk) #5

Are there a few that you could interview? Find out whether it’s a real concern?

(Leo Daley) #6

I have a Customer Advisory Board in our community where I’ve posed the question. I did a little research, and found the following:

  1. Salesforce is very open about job postings in their community. They have 2 active jobs groups, plus “Appexchange” (third party) jobs called out separately as “Jobs.” Searching on “jobs” in the community also brings back many private geographic user groups. Here are the 2 active groups and the Appexchange jobs:

• Jobs for Salesforce – (Owned by Salesforce) – “New group to post and search available jobs for salesforce professionals” (Screenshot attached)
• Remote Jobs – (Owned by Diligent IT Labs) – “This group is created to provision companies to post jobs only available work via remote location service providers or individuals. Please contact if it cannot be posted publicly to
• Jobs from Appexchange

  1. Lithium, a prominent community platform provider, allows job posts with specific guidelines.

  2. Tableau has a Job Listings area in their community.

(Piper_Wilson) #7

@Leo_Daley - So, does that make you feel comfortable allowing a place for job listings? Just because others do it doesn’t mean it’s a good fit for you.