About the Small Talk category

(Sarah Hawk) #1

This is the place to chat about things that aren’t necessarily related to community. Introduce yourself, meet people, tell us about your pets… you know the drill.

(Anton) #2

If I’m a developer who sells a solution for Discourse + WordPress integration, would this category be a good place to make a topic with my ads and examples?

Just a small talk that might be useful for some community maintainers who use Discourse :wink:

(Pauline Wilson) #3

Hello everyone
I am new to this community and I am finding I am lurking a lot. I suppose this is natural as I try to find the areas I am most interested in and are most relevant to me.

But I wanted to contribute to let the Community facilitators know that they are getting through to me. I am really pleased to be getting prompts which bring me back in here on a regular basis.

I will be contributing more as I find my way around.

My biggest challenge: The Unknown User Journeys