A question about courses


(Richard Millington) #1

Hey everyone,

A quick question for you all. I’m soon going to be launching (and promoting) our new course semester.

One idea that came up was to drastically reduce the time from 1 lesson per week over 6 weeks, to 5 lessons in one single week.

In short, to reduce the entire educational part of the course into a single week.

I’d be curious about everyone’s thoughts on this. Would you prefer a single intensive week (or two weeks) rather than the material spread over 6 weeks?

(Nick Emmett) #2

With my L&D head on from a former life - my personal feeling is that that is a lot of information, context and reflection to put in to one week. I think the good thing about it being spread out is that you have a great opportunity to reflect and digest what you learned week to week, as well as prepare for the following session.

Just my thought though, there are no doubt some people who would pounce at crash course type offering - knowing the content, I believe there is only a very tiny % of people however that would genuinely learn effectively that way.

(Rachel McGuigan) #3

I would say at least 3 weeks - this way you can create a habit that takes 3 weeks to forget, that way if it is 6 weeks you have a chance for a tail end review.

One week, in my opinion, is too short for online, -self-service content.

(Darren Gough) #4

My guess is business and life priorities etc have more likelihood of making it harder to attend everything on one week than spread out. One serious situation could cause you to miss entire thing.

Less likely to happen over 5/6 weeks or whatever (plus plenty of time to catchup if you miss one).

All in one week sounds a bit more like a training day approach