A look behind the scenes at GamePoint

(Jeffrey Otterspoor) #1

Saturday 16th of April 2016

After a couple of weeks of preparation the day had come where we would open our doors for approximately 100 members from our Community. They had been personally invited or signed up to spend a full day at our office without knowing what we had planned for them. A look behind the scenes, that’s all we gave away.

While final preparations were being made, our members were waiting in the lobby downstairs, we had one final meeting with the entire team of the day to make it memorable. To give our members the best we have to offer.

After the kick off we started welcoming our guests into the office. Nicely adjusted to their needs and with a proper lunch to begin with. We should have learned from the Feverbee Sprint, but we actually forgot cookies. Luckily they were all pretty content with the lunch we provided.

Our Lovely Hosts

Welcome Speech

Lunch Time

After lunch and after my welcome speech we hosted several activities. Our audience could choose between having a guided tour through the office by some of our Community Managers, attend several presentations about upcoming features that we have in store for them, have a Q&A session with Developers and Community Managers, have their pictures taken in a GamePoint game setting with a green screen, play real Bingo, take part in a Quiz, play games in our office and they were invited to participate in several test sessions to try out our latest prototype of one of our mobile games!

This way we made sure there was something fun for everyone.

Community Manager Wouter showing a group of players around the office

Testing our latest prototype

1 on 1 Q&A Session with a Developer

Several Presentations

Photo Sessions at GamePoint

Time to play some BINGO :wink:

Happy People

We made sure everyone got a free T-shirt. We even had to sign them like celebs!

Drinks Afterwards

We also had two old milk cans at our Info Stand in which our members could deposit their ideas and complaints. We had tickets with us during the day, so whenever someone came up with an idea or complaint we could write ‘m down and put them in the milk cans.

At the end of the day we got nothing more than praise. A wonderful day with lots of joy, laughter and even tears of happiness (not kidding!). We made people come back to our games after a long time of absence, we cultivated regulars into ambassadors and we received a 9.5 out 10 rating for the event from all those who attended.

It also gave people a chance to meet up with fellow players. A great way to let people get to know each other a little bit better and build real friendships.

It is now our job to keep them close and informed. We already physically send them the pictures of their photo shoots and have daily contact with all of them. Offline events, a great way to build a relationship with your Community. Give it a shot, you won’t be disappointed.

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(Nick Emmett) #2

Awesome @Jeffrey_Otterspoor, what a great summary for
what looks like a great event and opportunity to connect with your members! thanks for sharing!

The GamePoint Summer Tour – where online meets offline
(Sarah Hawk) #3

Agreed. Thanks for taking the time to summarise it for us @Jeffrey_Otterspoor – hearing about successful events and what people learned from them is really valuable.

(Bas van Leeuwen) #4

That looks really good and gezellig @Jeffrey_Otterspoor!

Question, you end with

How did you convince the inactive players to come out and spend an entire day with you guys?

I really really like the milk-can approach, combined with giving your staff the feedback cards. Makes an awful lot of sense, goes into my playbook :slight_smile:

(Jeffrey Otterspoor) #5

Whilst the majority of the people attending signed up themselves, we also invite approx 25-30% personally. For example we invite very vocal players, regulars that became nearly inactive, winners from special events, but also people who complain fairly frequently.

In addition everyone was allowed to bring a +1. This resulted in current regulars bringing back some inactive users, with whom they are still befriended, that left and are now giving us a second chance.

(Margaret Bost) #6

Thanks for sharing this Jeffrey.