A Detailed Breakdown of Apple’s Forum Community


(Richard Millington) #1


This week I put together a detailed breakdown of Apple’s online community.

Here you can learn how Apple develops and manages its online community.

This includes how Apple:

Designs it’s community platforms.
Forces people to ask good questions.
Gets people to register and onboards them.
Encourages users to submit tips.
Uses gamification to attract newcomers to join and participate.
Responds to questions about the community.

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(Bas van Leeuwen) #2

Very nice breakdown @richard_millington

Some good insights that I’m sure to think about while setting up my own community.


(Nick Emmett) #3

Agreed, this is a great post with some great insights into some of the things we often see from the other side of the glass, as members of communities - are you planning more of these with other perhaps prominent communities?

(Richard Millington) #4

Thanks Nick, have one coming out on Airbnb tomorrow.

(Emily Neufeld) #5

Thanks for the review and insights! Our developers often use StackOverflow in their examples of experiences with community and it’s great to get some light shed on why they’re all rave about it. I’m using this for evaluating our question asking and onboarding processes.