A Detailed Breakdown of Airbnb’s Online Community

(Richard Millington) #1


Last week we began the first in-depth breakdown of a large, established, online community. You can read our breakdown of Apple’s online community from last week.

This week we’re going to do a detailed overview of Airbnb’s online community.

You can view the slideshare here (or read the breakdown below)

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(Nick Emmett) #2

Awesome! Some really great points in here that we can ALL learn from! Positioning of content and key components, hints, tips and “nudges” for users to be more active or helpful are a great idea, something I’m going to consider how we can include some of these in our Salesforce based community.

I need to come back and read again later on, when I’ve cogitated a little!

These posts are brilliant @richard_millington

(Richard Millington) #3

Thanks @Nick_Emmett,

I think I’m going to move into less frequent, but more detailed, blog posts going forward. Seems to be a little more popular.