A Breakdown of Apple's Online Community


(Richard Millington) #1

Hey everyone,

A year or so ago @HAWK and I (although mostly Hawk) used to do breakdowns of some online communities on here.

I loved the idea but we could never figure out how to present it the way we most wanted to and make it something that would be useful to everyone. We also couldn’t get it to the top of the priority list neither.

I’ve been working on something this afternoon I’d love your take on. It’s the first version of a new set of breakdowns. This one covers Apple’s online community. Don’t share it too widely yet (I need to fix some formatting, headings, and typos), but I’d welcome any feedback.

Updated version here:


Do you like it? Is it useful? What don’t you like etc…What should I change?

I’m planning to post it on Thursday this week. So get your feedback in sharpish!

(Ayanda Khuzwayo) #2

@richard_millington I Think you’ve done an amazing job here (pats you at the back). However about the the ‘ask a question’ vs ‘start a discussion’ debate. What if one does not want to ask a question but rather start a topic talking about how he/she is loving the a new apple product for example.

(Richard Millington) #3

Hi @ayanda,

Thanks for this, I appreciate the feedback.

My answer would be a bit blunt, but my guess is Apple doesn’t actually want people to just casually talk about their love of the products. I’m not sure people tend to do that anyhow :slight_smile:

There are plenty of fan-based communities for those kinds of discussions which might be a much better fit here.

(Robert McIntosh) #4

Nicely done @richard_millington - lots of useful information and clear breakdown. It is a lot of work and we appreciate that

I guess we will never know details of participation and engagement on these platforms, but that would be interesting if you could speculate? (I remember coming across plenty of product support ‘communities’ claiming to have thousands of users, but you could easily see that they were almost all one-time posters and therefore there was no community at all)