7 Reasons why Kate Forgioni quit her job to start a Customer Success community


(Nick Emmett) #1

A good read from Kate Forgioni about why she quit her job to build a Community for Customer Success professionals. On the surface it’s about exactly that, but on reading through there’s some really good points about the Why? One of my favourite questions in the Community Management world - why do it? Why bother? Why have the community in the first place? Why will people come.

(Richard Millington) #2

I love following a community from scratch. Thanks for sharing @Nick_Emmett.

Do you know Kate personally? Would be interesting to invite her here so she can share her progress as she gets the community going.

(Nick Emmett) #3

Kate’s not someone I know personally, I think we’re connected via my use of Yammer in a previous life.
I’ve bobbed an invite across so hopefully we’ll be able to get some more insight from her soon :slight_smile: