[7 November] What are you working on this week?

(Sarah Hawk) #1

This week we’re launching a couple of things so there is some admin to be done around those. I’m still knee deep in ambassadorial program research and I probably need to regroup a bit to wrap up some loose ends that are dragging out, like SEO fixes.

It’s heading towards the holiday season and things are ramping up at bit.

What are you up to this week?

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(Mark Baldwin) #3

Hopefully important work around launching our new game this week and I’m getting out of the office a couple of times for important meetings, hopefully to set up collaborations, but worst case will be a couple of pub lunches. :slight_smile:

(Darren Gough) #4

Taking one for the team, eh @Mjbill? :slight_smile:

(Mark Baldwin) #5

It’s a tough job sometimes, but you’ve just got to step up and do your bit. It makes it easier knowing that other people are concerned about my well being. It’s much appreciated @Darren_Gough

(Martha Davey) #6

This week I am hoping to start planning some incentives to drive participation on our ESN, Yammer. It’s challenging as we have offices across 18 countries, so I need to make sure that everyone has a fair chance at winning something!

(Sarah Hawk) #7

Sounds interesting Martha. What is the purpose of the channel?

(Martha Davey) #8

To drive Yammer as the major daily communication platform at my organisation, and to make sure new joiners as well as our current employees are getting the most out of the Microsoft products we subscribe to. :slight_smile:

(Sarah Hawk) #9

Sorry, I didn’t communicate my question very well!

I actually meant what is the purpose of the ESN rather than the incentive program, but I’m guessing it’s an internal collaboration or knowledge sharing channel?

Is it a new initiative?

(And welcome, it’s great to hear from you.)

(Brian Schildt) #10

After all it is #wolweek, so I’ll share it :sweat_smile:

I have improved the flow of communication around our beta sign up for findx , and launched new HTML emails for our selfhosted Sendy solution and added a bit of automation - (you’re welcome to give it a go) - Goal og the week to make the HTML template work.

Besides that I have hired an illustrator to up our game on illustrations specifically to drive traffic to our community - looking forward as they should drip into my inbox today.

I was also supposed to have started looking at badges in our forum.privacore.com - but ended up looking at this page about Strategic Community management

(Sarah Hawk) #11

Heh! So it is. Good to hear from you Brian.

I just gave it a go. I’m impressed so far. The messaging is clear, the process is simple, the forms are clean and you don’t ask for extraneous information.

This is interesting! TBH I already like your illustrations. This one is great:

(Nick Emmett) #12

Welcome to the Community her @martha.davey - it’s great to hear from you and that you’re actively working on driving participation. I was involved in a Yammer launch a few years back - how are you finding it? More importantly, I guess, how are your employees finding it? What sort of industry do you work within?

(Nick Emmett) #13

My week has revolved around my other job mainly this week, dealing with some escalations from customers about challenges they’ve been facing. Our Community re-launch is now due at the beginning of December - we move to our live site on 30th November with a couple of days for me to sort the config out before pressing Go on the following Monday!

I also had a well earned day off this week to spend some time with my wife, did some shopping, ate some mexican food, drank some wine. Time out is so important but so easy to not do.

(Brian Schildt) #14

Thanks a bunch for the feedback - highly appreciated! Next thing is to get the community more appealing, and to look at that CM strategy, and make sure people feel welcome.

I made that illustration myself :blush: - New ones are done in collaboration with a pro preview the new one here, it is about people.

Just looking at you initial post - How was your week? Maybe it is just me, but I cant’t find anything recent about “ambassador program” on fever bee, what are you researching? - From previous times Have been working with digital collaboration and ESN in larger organisations - one case here from Esvagt, maybe inspirational, maybe not ? - but et me know if you find it interesting, I’ll be happy to tell you more.

Have a fun weekend! /Brian

(Chris Detzel) #15

We use Yammer internally as well. I’m not a huge fan of it, as the functionality isn’t that great, but the eCommerce team uses it regularly (300 people), but the organization overall hasn’t completely bought in as of yet (30k employees). There really hasn’t been a huge push for it, as I think they were hoping that it would organically grow, then maybe they would do more with it. More to come on Yammering… :slight_smile:

(Sarah Hawk) #16

Correct – we don’t have anything recent but the topic is discussed a lot so I’m researching in order to document something formally.

(Sarah Hawk) unpinned #17

(Brian Schildt) #18

Interesting, is it for internal/corporate communities or public? - they will probably be different, or what is your take?

(Sarah Hawk) #19

There are definitely differences, although I haven’t come across many internal programs. Most tend to be public, and fall into two main categories – Brand Ambassador programs and MVP/Top Contributor programs. The latter are a lot more data driven. Many of the ambassador/advocate programs seem to be very unstructured, both in terms of objectives and program guidelines.

What’s most interesting is that many of the examples that are held up publicly as greatly successful programs actually record no data at all the support their efficacy (or otherwise).

(Brian Schildt) #20

@HAWK - I know we entered a new week… but to follow up. With the experience I have from ESN and Digital workplaces ambassador programs are widely used internally, but ambassadors are often selected based on culture-fit and motivation rather than data. Although analytics is entering ESN as well, and used to identify the “real” ambassadors in an enterprise, just stumbled over this post about measuring employees invisible forms of influence

For public, I like the two categories, they make sense to me. Will be interesting to get more insights! One intersting thing would also be to know what drives engagement for the different types of ambassadors, and if that is related to the type of ambassador… well just a thought :smiley: - and now on to the Community Strategy for Privacore :wink: