[6 Feb] What are you working on this week?


(Suzi Nelson) #10

Love this thread! :smiley:

Where to begin?! Our first official meetup is kicking off in Saint Louis tomorrow - I hope they like us! We also have our Austin meetup page up and running, just waiting on our organizer to get the logistics together for the first event. Got interviews lined up for organizers in San Diego and Los Angeles, so things are happening - finally. Can’t wait to include this as a value-add for our customer community!

On my end, I’m still busy gathering up resources for a Meetup Organizer Handbook and an exit survey for attendees so we can measure sentiment.

Then there’s nothing but meetings all day tomorrow and then back to focusing on my event presentations… My big goals for week include making sure I sleep and eat at some point.

Also, I figured I’d throw in a community event next week for Valentine’s Day where our community can nominate super helpful members for special recognition. I’ve done something similar once or twice in the past and they always love it, so I figured the holiday was as good a time as any to bring it back. Getting assets together for that this week.

(Sarah Hawk) #11

Great! We have quite a few people that work in the gaming space here – I imagine you’ll have some valuable insights if they have challenges.

Fantastic! Best of luck with it.

(Sander van geelen) #12

Hi All!
First post here :slight_smile:

I have 4 years experience in managing a technical community that is mostly about offering support. A big part of my work lied in retention, there was a lot of organic growth. Due to a shift in focus I am now doing some preparations on starting a new community focussed on education and content generation as a goal. Defining the strategy, choosing a platform/channel, reading up on established successful methods and known fails. Interesting stuff! :slight_smile:

Not everything is being defined by the organization yet, so it is kinda working in between maybe’s and probably’s. Hoping to find some help here along the way as things start to take form and begin to move.
I currently have a list of approx 140 interested contacts that showed interest to participate on a variety of levels (in terms of engagement).

(Sarah Hawk) #13

Welcome @svg – thanks for jumping straight in. It’s appreciated.

Brilliant. That’s a solid start. Are you currently nurturing relationships with those people to build out your founding member group? That would be my no.1 tip when launching a new community. Create super-strong relationships so that you can rely on those people for initial engagement. If possible, I’d even include them in some of the planning and testing so that they are invested.

This resource might help to give you some direction around strategy and organisational planning:

If you’d like to explore any aspects further, please feel free to start a new topic.

(Jay Pfaffman) #14

I’m hoping to finish up an import of 2.3 million posts from IPBoard to Discourse. It doesn’t help that I don’t speak Polish, which is the language of the forum. I keep thinking it’s done, and then some strange formatting peculiarity shows up. If anyone is interested is moving away from IPBoard, I’d love to test this code with a different database so I could be more sure it’ll be useful to others.

And I’m starting an import about about 20K posts from a Ning 2 site. It took what seemed like 100 hours just getting the data. It was corrupted the first zillion times I tried. I think what fixed it was using an older version of Adobe Air, which is required to run the downloader. I’m hoping that soon I’ll be expert in moving people from Ning to Discourse before they all get upgraded to Ning 3, for which there seems to be no way to export the data, troubling for a platform that seems that it could die at any minute.

(Sarah Hawk) #15

Sounds like a frustrating time Jay! Best of luck with it.

I’ll be watching the Ning migration keenly. I suspect there will be a few more of those on the horizon.

(Jay Pfaffman) #16

It can’t all be rainbows and kittens!

I’m hoping that the Ning thing will allow me to help many communities nice to Discourse.

(Sander van geelen) #17

Thanks :slight_smile:

with approximately 60 of them is regularly contact, as the result of something like a pilot / experiment.
The others I have met in person like 2 weeks ago, and was hoping to send them an update at the end of this week.
If it won’t take too long, my plan was to first get some basic things clear before I start communicating. Knowing where I stand in the bigger picture helps creating a stronger / more confident message and a sense of reality of where I can steer the conversation towards.

I already had that strategy template on my desk :wink:

(Nick Emmett) #18

What a great response this week - I appreciate the week is nearly done but it’s mainly consisting of battling with a couple of support cases I have in with our platform provide. Been finishing off my January report for the exec team (and anyone else who cares to look internally, as I post it on our internal community).

We’re also just starting to prep and garner some interest for our inaugural UK user group, being held in March, which I’m really looking forward to.

Welcome @dean_samways - great to hear from you.

There’s some great work going on around this group, I wonder how many people generally finish all the tasks we talk about in these posts?

[13 Feb] What are you working on this week?
(Sarah Hawk) #19

I don’t. Perhaps I should set more granular tasks so that I can.

e.g. Complete two chapters of my research, rather than ‘keep working on a resource’

Cool! @Suzi_Nelson was hosting her first official meet-up this week. How did that go Suzi?

(Jay Pfaffman) #20

It’s called “what are you working on”, not “what are you finishing.” :slight_smile:

(Sarah Hawk) #21

Touche. I feel vindicated. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Richard Millington) #22

Maybe we should shift it to the end of the week with a ‘what did you complete’ ?

(Nick Emmett) #23

haha - I definitely like it at the beginning of the week, just made me think for some reason about what actually gets completed sometimes!
Also, correct me if I’m wrong @HAWK but didn’t we start doing a monthly reflection post t the end of the month about what we’d got done? I could be remembering wrong though!

(Sarah Hawk) #24

We did but it didn’t get much engagement so I didn’t continue. If you see value in it, I’m happy to give it another go.

(Jay Pfaffman) #25

I had a mentor who was really good at this. It can be very valuable to look back and realize that though you might have felt like you were putting out fires, at the end of the week, a lot had actually been accomplished.

(Suzi Nelson) #26

It went great, even though our organizer was suuuuper sick - he totally rocked it. It’s interesting watching the difference in response between our first meetup in St Louis and our new meetup in Austin - a city which has MUCH more of a tech/startup vibe. We got a much stronger response than in St Louis, so it just goes to show that the culture of a city plays a big role in how meetups go during launch. We expect St Louis to build up slowly, while cities like Austin and San Diego will get lots of inital interest and then level off.

(Sarah Hawk) #27

Anything you learned or would do differently next time?

(Suzi Nelson) #28

I think the main takeaway is communicating expectations with our volunteer organizers. Some cities will start slower than others - we’ll be keeping a close eye on how both local meetup communities evolve so we can advise our volunteers better :slight_smile:

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