[5 September] What are you working on this week?


(Sarah Hawk) #1

I feel like I’m struggling to get everything done and I’m being unrealistic about my timeframes.

This week I really need to finish off the SEO tweaks that I’m working on for the WP half of our site, as well as doing some training on Google Tag Manager.

Then I’m starting on putting together a framework for some content pieces that we have coming up at the end of the year.

[September] What have you accomplished this month?
(Nick Emmett) #2

After last week’s rainbow tinged great start to the week, I unearthed a couple more headaches through the week, that I’ll be working on this week, trying to make our support case creation page more user friendly and dynamic and also some work on our Ideas board. Fingers crossed.
Also starting to work on the content we’ll be putting out to support the re-launch/reskin of our community.

It’s also Back To School week in the UK and my eldest son has his first day out of nursery and into primary school this week. He’s super excited and I’m not sure how I feel about it yet!

(Sarah Hawk) #3

Is nursery school similar to kindergarten?

(Nick Emmett) #4

I imagine it is yes, it’s basically pre-school. He’s 4 1/2 so in the UK we call where he’s heading Reception, then next year it’s Year 1.

(Richard Millington) #5

One of the interesting things about this is seeing how many of us (including myself) massively overestimate how much we can get done in a week. At least to a high standard.

I wonder if this is because we’re bad at estimating or because our time gets eaten away with other niggling tasks that take up too much of our time.

(Kristen Gastaldo) #6

We’re going live with Beta testings in our new (Jive) community this week!

Sorry I’ve been so MIA. Been quite a bit of buildup! We’re beta testing with 40 of our previous forum members, moderators, and a handful of employees. We’ve migrated in 75k pieces of content (yikes) to cover our current forums, wiki, and blogs (we have an archive for quite a bit of this).

Our plan is to go live with everyone (meaning letting all the migrated users know the new space is available) next week.

(Kath Reuben) #7

Owing to challenges we have been facing with access, we’ve decided to review the configuration of our community and ultimately, looking at splitting it: case technical tickets would be managed by a support portal separate from the support community - which would be focused on sharing knowledge and engaging members. So this week, I’m trying to redraw what the workflows would look like and identify any possible roadblocks. In other words - i feel like we are going back to square one!

(Michael Britt) #8

I’m editing an audio interview I did with Richard last week. I plan to get part 1 published today and part 2 later this week. Excellent interview.

(Bas van Leeuwen) #9

We just sent out our first NPS Survey to users; will be interesting to see the results

Apart from that it’ll be a slow week; cleaning up my house for some Airbnb guests, help organise a weekend festival with some friends, do some maintenance and financial administration

(Sarah Hawk) #10

So I’ve been thinking about this a lot too. I think this topic is proof that I’m not good at setting realistic goals, and that plays a big part in it, but it is also very hard to make a call on how long something will take if you’ve never done it before.

So I think it’s both. For instance, I’m doing a whole lot of SEO stuff this week, and that includes training up on Google Tag Manager. Before going into that, I didn’t know how easy that would be to learn, and how many steps are involved in setting up all the tags, events and triggers.

I also struggle with putting things aside if they’re not done. I should assign x hours per day to growing this community, and x per day to my other tasks, but if there is more work here than I can realistically do in that time, I do it anyway, meaning other deadlines get pushed out.

I don’t know what the answer is, but I concede that it’s an issue.

The fact that you feel the need to apologise for not being here because you’ve been working is a positive from my perspective! Glad you’re back. What are you migrating onto?

Pesky, but perhaps it’ll give you the opportunity to get some things right that weren’t working before?

(Frank Field) #11

Lessee, after a Labor Day holiday “off” (I only did the weekly community news, so I didn’t work very long), I am nearly paralyzed by my list of “things I want to accomplish.” This week’s highlights: efforts to show ROI, efforts to establish SSO across my employer’s various sites, filing tickets on broken things in the platform my community is on, prodding my new group of advocates, fixing registration issues with our community, fixing SEO issues with my community and, last, but not least, educating the members in the use of my employer’s product. I’ll be lucky if one thing moves forward.
Oh yeah, my kids start school tomorrow, too. Looking forward to knowing they’re working hard, too! :slight_smile:

(Sarah Hawk) #12

How are you going about this?

(Frank Field) #13

Well, through the incredible powers of begging for help, I actually received a formula in email. It turns out not to be that complex. It’s not easy getting accurate info to fill in the blanks, but I’m working on it. Also, a community platform provider who wants our business offered his company’s services in proving ROI (mostly to show they can improve our existing ROI), and I am working with them, too. I"m going to take the two sets of numbers and work with my boss to see what we come up with. When we’re happy, we’re going to put it in a report and I’m going to slap that puppy on the desk of a higher-up who is openly “skeptical” about ANY ROI on community. And then I’m going to sit back with a gin and tonic and soak in the adulation from the C-suite.

OK, I’m probably going to merely bask in my own self-satisfaction and go back to working my butt off in this community. But still. Gin may be involved.

(Sarah Hawk) #14

Gin should always be involved.

Might be a bit late to the party, but this article and the cheatsheet below might help you to build out that report with some of the tactical stuff.

roi_cheat_sheet.pdf (127.2 KB)

(Frank Field) #15

Thank you!
My “signature cocktail” is gin, basil, cucumber. Muddle two basil leaves and two thin slices of cucumber with a tiny amount of simple syrup, add the juice of one small lime, add gin and tonic to your taste. Shake. Pour over ice. Enjoy far too quickly.

I shall now read this cheat sheet! Thanks again!

Summer drinks inspiration
(Sarah Hawk) #16

That’s going on my summer drink list (when summer finally gets here). Sounds amazing.

My signature cocktail is sauvignon blanc, St Germaine elderflower liquer, and soda water in a tall glass with ice.

(Richard Millington) #17

@ffield we’re actually working on a big project on the ROI of communities at the moment.

Drop me a line at richard@feverbee.com if you want a preview. Happy to show you and see if it works well for your situation.

(Nikoletta Harrold) #18

I am currently consulting on two projects, so I definitely have a head ache on a regular basis :slight_smile:

If anyone has any suggestions or ideas let me know.

  1. come up with a strategy for a company that has about a 100 people playing CM’s but they are only dedicating 10-50% of their time to managing a Community of Practice. They have created a certification program to get these CM’s more aligned with the business goals and be more efficient but it failed. I have been asked to come up with a strategy to unify the CM team, make the certification program a success and create proof of value to senior management on the community approach overall for their business projects. I would love some ideas on how you get people in your company to participate in courses/ exams if at all, or if you have several CM’s how do you keep them marching along to the same tune and business goals?

  2. The other project is for a company who is just breaking into the market to talk to their own customers online, so far all customer care and communication was handled through 3rd party vendors, who were resellers of their product, and the company just kept in touch with the re-sellers. They are looking to launch several communities, albeit focusing on the external customer community first. I am familiar with the development and infrastructural work, but need to have a plan for A) manage expectations and deliverables from the platform PS team (Lithium), who apparently are not delivering the service they got paid for B) have a plan for launching the new community and attract users and start engagement. Anyone done community launch planning before?


Note from admin: See below for links to dedicated topics for both the above.

Community launch planning
Ideas needed for unifying a team of CMs
(Dave Charbonneau) #19

I’ve been wrestling with video editing software. I finally made a choice I’m happy with, but the research and trial had cost me time. To start, my video-cast is my main lead into my fledgling community, so I feel rather behind in everything.

Homeschool started, carpet cleaners are kicking us out today, too. Great for family time, not great for getting my videos out there.

Just keep swimming…

(Sarah Hawk) #20

As in, you homeschool your kids?