[5 December] What are you working on this week?


(Sarah Hawk) #1

I’m head down writing to a deadline this week.
Life is a bit of a juggling act with all the Christmas and year end parties!

What’s up in your world?

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(Joel Zaslofsky) #3

There’s a lot going on in the Puttytribe this week and it’s all fairly exciting:

We’re running our first Love Our Lurkers Week (thanks for the idea @Suzi_Nelson) and the pre-engagement with our community has already drawn out some great lurkers. One woman even created a real-time, play-by-play post of 25 minutes’ worth of her browsing through the Puttytribe as a lurker. It was fascinating!

I’m also working with our internal community team to map our existing forum categories into new ones once we’re on our Discourse/WordPress hybrid platform (currently still a “go” for late February). Our members are constantly telling us the forums are overwhelming and I’ve proposed to consolidate and get rid of enough categories to take us from 17 to 8.

Everyone seems on board with my plan … except for the part where I roll in the “Introduce Yourself” category into a sticky thread in the catch-all “General Chatter” category (a.k.a., the equivalent of Small Talk category here). Who has the data or stories that back-up bucking the community gospel that everyone should get their own private intro thread if they want one? The resistance is strong to this specific idea.

Oh, and I’m also writing test scripts for the data conversion from our current Ning platform into Discourse, The Events Calendar (a WordPress plugin we’ll use for member-led events), and WooCommerce (which we’ll be using for membership and billing). Good times!

P.S. Does anyone see the irony of me, generally a lurker, posting here – a community I love and absolutely feel I belong to – during my own community’s Love Our Lurkers Week? :slight_smile:

Does anyone see the irony of me, generally a lurker, posting here...?
(Sarah Hawk) #4

Ha! That’s awesome.

I put my thoughts down on this last month. Here you go. Happy to talk it out further if that’s helpful.

(Suzi Nelson) #5

This is awesome!!! Would love to hear any post Lurkers Week data you have! And way to implement!!

This just goes to show there are many different types of lurkers - some (like you!) still feel a strong sense of community even if they rarely participate. It’s helpful to remember if you’re ever frustrated that you just cant seem to get some people to participate… all of their needs are already met just by browsing the content.

Keep up the great work!! Excited to hear more about your Lurkers Week results.

(Suzi Nelson) #6

My big project this week is creating a slide deck for some community management training that will go into one of our certifications. It’s the “Social Media & Community Certification” but I argued pretty hard that it only covered the “social media” part… so we’re going to add a couple of videos that go over the basics of creating, positioning, and strengthening community (from a business perspective).

It’s a huge project but I have made the proper sacrifices to all of the content marketing gods so here’s hoping I can get done on time!

Other than that, I’m getting assets in line for 2017… working with our graphic designers to beef up our newfeed images for the group, creating a content calendar, and working on that live events framework for community meetups (pitching to our partners tomorrow - cross your fingers for me!). It’s going to be a great December and an exciting year ahead.

(Jay Pfaffman) #7

I’m trying to finish up a Discourse importer for Invision Power Board. I’m working with a group in Poland with millions of messages and tens of thousands of users. The project has gone on much longer than I’d hoped and I’d really like to get it finished in the next couple weeks. The current hang-up is moving IPB’s galleries into Discourse. I’d forgotten that I’d committed to do that until last week and it’s not clear what a reasonable way to move those galleries into Discourse is.

I also need to do an import for someone with several hundred Wordpress posts that they want converted into Discourse topics. Most importers work for moving discussions, not posts, so no one has done this yet. I’m hoping that this will be more straight forward than the IPB thing.

AND I need to write a report for a university about how and whether to create a 4-course certificate in instructional technology. It seemed like fun project when I started, but it seems like the answer is “No, you probably shouldn’t create such a certificate”, which makes writing the report less interesting than I’d anticipated. Meanwhile, Discourse jobs, which are more interesting and more pressing keep rolling in. . .

(Sarah Hawk) #8

I know a quick hack… If they have the Discourse --> WP plugin installed, making any mass edit (like adding or removing a WP tag) and saving will publish the post to Discourse.

(Jay Pfaffman) #9

You may have just made my day.

(Nick Emmett) #10

So this week was the week our re-skinned Community was due to launch, yesterday was one of the most stressful so far in my CM career. A gremlin in the works somewhere published our community early, without me knowing, so we were live but half finished!! The team came together brilliantly to force into play everything needed to bring full functionality by the end of the day (Pacific Time!). I’ve got m hard hat and seat belt on and my fingers crossed that all continues to go well through the rest of the week! Today I’m putting together some collateral to talk people through the changes, video walk through and a “Getting Started” area.

(Sarah Hawk) #11

Argh. Sorry to hear that Nick!

Best of luck with it all.

(Nick Emmett) #12

haha, I guess at least we launched on time, it just wasn’t pretty for a few hours! the issues are still coming in but thankfully getting fewer now. I’ve pulled a few late nights this week, it’s fair to say! Feedback - and traffic - is good however, which bodes well!

(Nikoletta Harrold) #13

OMG, can I just post my to-do list for this week? No, in all seriousness, at Transamerica we are building our stage community finally (not just mockups)- This is making my entire week! In the meantime I am writing our CoC, Employee Guide, Moderation Guide, Crisis Management guide, Community Playbook, FAQ, configuring gamification, ranks and badges AND recording moderator training videos :slight_smile:

(Sarah Hawk) #14

Woah – full on!

What platform are you launching on?

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(Gear Buzz) #16

Server migration today (upgraded hardware) Hit snags.(ancient Sphinx search clashing with new server OS) approx 3 hours down time :unamused: can’t wait to be using ElasticSearch

Looking at www.goodvid.io to add video “interest” to product pages

More monetization initiatives ongoing

Lavishly wined and dined a visiting out of town major advertising client this eve - then they picked up the entire bill!

Conceded that while Podio is great for tasks and bugs it’s chat function is a bit lacking - so transitioning to Slack for chat / day to day comms. Voip on Slack is pissing me off however…Skype also crappy this last month - Ho-hum.

Staff Xmas bonus time soon… It’s gonna cost me… But they continue to help innovate and push the business forwards so are worth it.

(Sarah Hawk) #17

Cool – at least you’ll be well supported. :slight_smile:

Now that’s the kind of thing I want going on in my week!

(tamara Parris) #18

I am working on our 3rd Member to Member Mastermind session - last two were great! Also our Dec Community Member Expert webinar; by the members for the members

(Sarah Hawk) #19

Sounds interesting. Can you elaborate?

(tamara Parris) #20

these are small sessions with up to 15 members. We have an industry expert, and up to 2 community volunteers who discuss a pre-chosen Health and Safety issue for the session. During this the experter share their knowledge and the community member their work experience

What do others do?,