[31 October] What are you working on this week?

(Lucie Pinto) #2

Happy Halloween!

I’m going to be working on getting through the Community Management course and creating more content in our Community. I’m going to try and post at least 2-3 posts a week with helpful content.

(purldator) #3

A good All Saints Day & All Hallows Eve to everyone.

Those same Hallows afford me clarity; I see a crystalline view; an opening where I may begin construction of that blog I mentioned a while back; here and here.

It technically exists, up and ready. But sparkpost banned my new domain name for some reason. I surmise perhaps due to its .be extension (used here for the existential verb instead of the gracious country). I sent in a ticket; hope that comes to some fruition of the positive sort soon.

So, I be unable to have email transactions (and click a link in any activation email) for the time being. Now, I work on the branding in meantime.

Apt, that I see this clearing now; considering the season. A time and place for everything under The Sun. An end and thus, a beginning. *grin*

EDIT: I jumped the cannon and signed up my sending domain too swiftly, it seems, before setting up Discourse. Sparkpost is claiming I have no site so they blocked my domain. That is very counter-productive. I shall wait.

EDIT2: Hah. The entire system is automated. I only needed to delete my send domain entry and reapply it with new DNS records. It now works. And so shall Things Happen.

(Darren Gough) #4

How are you getting on with the course since we last spoke @lpinto?

(Lucie Pinto) #5

I’m getting through it slowly but surely. The content has been wonderful. It has really helped me spring into action! :slight_smile:

(Sarah Hawk) pinned #6

(Frank Field) #7

My monthly report. Ugh. I detest spreadsheets. There, I said it.

(Lucie Pinto) #8

My boss just asked me for a Monthly report for October. I have to say it’s not my favorite task!

(James McMahon) #9

For me:

Figure out why our community guidelines are not available to non-logged in users
Continue to reach out to potential inner circle members
Keep up the momentum between interesting topic <> our Facebook page
Wrap up category descriptions.

(Sarah Hawk) #10

They are:

(James McMahon) #11

Thanks for checking. Turns out[quote=“HAWK, post:10, topic:4337, full:true”]

They are:


what “doesn’t work” is the URL generated by the share link icon on the topic which is:

Not sure what, if anything I need to do about that.

(Sarah Hawk) #12

Correct, /t/ URLs aren’t ever accessible unless logged in. You’ll find that in every Discourse forum.
I just make sure I use the /faq URL in all documentation.

(Alessio Fattorini) #13

I was busy in the last few days so I have a bunch of posts to read in my community and here :slight_smile:
Reporting time also for me! We have momentum in our community and I need to advertise and boost it!

(MHCommMgr) #14

Reporting here too (thanks for the reminder). Posting some content today and planning for the next week of a diabetes month promotion we are trying, linking our community and Facebook. So far Facebook shares and likes but no new communities posts. Would love to hear suggestions on how people connect Facebook and community discussions… I am trying to use it for community building, not to get more Facebook fans, but it appears to be working the opposite way!

(Sarah Hawk) #15

Check in with @HoTWire

(James McMahon) #16

We’re just starting this process now after much pondering so by no means I am going to claim to be an expert. Here’s my 2c

Some things to think about
Have you engaged your audience in the process of building this community?
Have you described value proposition that this community away from facebook will provide?
Does your community show sign that is is able to (or will be) able to deliver on that value prop?
Are you giving a clear, but easy call to action to folks?

Maybe start a separate topic with what you are trying right now, we can weigh-in and share our insights.

Using Facebook to promote a community
(Nick Emmett) #17

So our template change continues to plod on - we now have our next launch date in a couple of weeks. This week I’m having the template and associated components installed in a full sandbox, which enables me to check the design and connections with real data rather than test data. I’m fairly happy it will be fine though.

My bandwidth has been stretched of late with the balancing act of managing our community, progressing our template change project and continuing in my role as a Customer success Manager also. I keep finding things that are slipping through the net on all counts, but we’re getting there!

(Sarah Hawk) #18

I felt like that last month. My level of stress is always accurately reflected by the number of reminder Post-It notes stuck on my monitor.

(Alessio Fattorini) #19

Reporting week for me too!

(Nick Emmett) #20

Mine is probably more by the absence of those notes! lol As I start to flounder my notes begin to thin out!

(Sarah Hawk) closed #21