[30 Jan] What are you working on this week?


(Sarah Hawk) #1

Almost the end of January already! The plus side is that the summer holidays finish this Wednesday and my kids go back to school, so things will suddenly become a whole lot easier.

This week will be stats, some more strategy work, battle testing my superuser research and continuing to build the site that will house it.

What’s up in your world?

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(Nick Emmett) #4

We’ve recent;y kicked off a project to migrate a ton of content from our other customer facing website into our community so am knee deep in figuring out the logistics of that.

Other than that predominantly Business As Usual in the Community - have kicked off my 2017 outreach program, checking in with a group of our top contributors and preparing our first Community Spotlight blog post, where we feature one of our high value members.

We’ve also just had our first conversation about our inaugural UK user group meeting, which will be closely linked to our Community, which is exciting for us.

(Pilar Orti) #5

Helping a group of members of a large organisation to design and pilot an online forum, after previous attempts have failed.

(Nick Emmett) #6

Sounds exciting @pilar - what sort of things will you be doing differently this time around?

(Gear Buzz) #7

Elasticsearch - we want this tech and are at the very beginning stages of implementing it. XenForo has a plug in for it - we are building our own version for VBulletin. (We will make it transportable to XenForo for when we migrate)

As usual, more monetization initiatives including:
Shopify store
Sub forum sponsorship
Newsletters and purely commercial one advertiser e-blasts

Planning for Spring 2017 trade show reporting. (Who to send to what show, Frankfurt and Berlin (we will split into two separate teams, each shooting video for our youtube channel)

(Pilar Orti) #8

Hi @Nick_Emmett , it’s actually the first time I work on this project and I don’t think that many people in the project were involved in the setting up of previous forums. But there’s certainly a lot of debriefing of what didn’t work in previous attempts. The main thing we’re doing differently is finding a group of people dedicated to animating the forum and keeping the conversation going. That was the main problem with previous attempts: the tech was set up but nobody looked after the people using it!

(Sarah Hawk) #9

That’s a smart approach. We call them founding members, and they provide the foundation on which the rest of the community is built on.

What technology is the community going to be using?

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