3 quick things to improve your community UX

(Sarah Hawk) #1

The key to making any platform addictive (and your community habitual) is by making it as easy as it can possibly be for the user to do what they are already trying to do (i.e. – remove all the hurdles).

No community platform will ever be perfect for everybody, but there are probably small tweaks that most of us could make to ours that will make a big difference to the majority of our audience.

Here are three simple things that you should consider checking on yours:

  • Log people in automatically when they come to your platform via an email or notification.
    I love the work that the Moz guys do, but when I get an email telling me that I have 2 critical errors and then have to log in when I click the link, I bounce immediately.

  • Minimise the information that you collect at login time (and use social login options)
    Forms are one of the most tedious parts of any web experience. Leverage the principle of reciprocity by making your forms simple and/or fun.

  • Remember that not everyone thinks like you (and offer options)
    I hate watching videos online. I prefer to read text. Statistics show that lots of people love to watch videos. Offering options (an accompanying transcript or article) means that you don’t automatically exclude part of your audience.

I’d love to hear your suggestions/likes/dislikes.

(Darren Gough) #2

Couldn’t agree more with these points @HAWK. I think the first one is especially true.

I’d add consider putting things that are user action items where they expect to find them. I’ve seen communities that put reply buttons in odd places, rather than under the post you’re writing. Make the link to their user control panel really clear so it’s easy for them to catch updates or subscribed channels.