3 months down the track

(Sarah Hawk) #1

A common theme in communities is for people to sign up, post once or twice (usually in the welcome/introduction thread) and then disappear.

I see it here. People tell us what they are working on and then we don’t hear from them again, which feels like a lost opportunity. I’m going to experiment with checking back in with people after 3 months to see how they’re going with their challenges.

At the start of September, @Adrian was working on the launch of a new community. How are you coming along with that Adrian? Is it taking the requisite much-longer-than-predicted timeframe?

@keelym – you were working through a platform decision and decided on WP/BuddyPress. How is that coming along? Do you have anything up and running yet?

You were investigating the feasibility of building a couple of learning communities @Katrin. How is that progressing?

I’m very interested to hear how you’ve settled into your role managing the end of life community @Priscilla – what are you finding the most challenging?

(Katrin Naert) #2

Well, a lot has happened since my last post. I have researched a couple of possibilities with my present business partners but only made a final decision this week. I am going to start a community of practice for learning and development staff and I am going to do this on my own. I have spent quite some time in finding someone to help with the technical and marketingl site of this adventure.
The coming months I will be doing my usual job (I run a training company and do a lot of training courses myself) and prepare the community. This will increase my activity in this community :smile:
So my apparently inactivity has to do with my ‘decision process’ and the fact that I am a novice at a very level so I am a bit hesitant. Also, I live in Brussels, Belgium, so a lot has been going on here :worried:
This week I have also started a web course with Jane Hart called ‘How to become a community leader’ and I have become a member of her association, which is also a community. By the way, one of the fist things Jane made us read was a post from your site.

So, Sarah, your experiment worked on me.:grinning:

(Sarah Hawk) #3

Wow – you have been busy! That’s fantastic. Are you following a framework to plan out your community and create your strategy? I can dig out some resources for you if that is useful.

Have you come up against any particular challenges so far that you need support with?

[quote=“Katrin, post:2, topic:1682”]
So, Sarah, your experiment worked on me
[/quote] Yay! You’ve made my day. :simple_wink:

(And we’re thinking of you in Belgium. I hope you’re relatively unaffected by it, if that’s possible.)

(Katrin Naert) #4

I would love to look at the resources you are talking about.

(Sarah Hawk) #5

I hope those are useful.

(Priscilla McClay) #6

Hi Sarah,

I haven’t disappeared! I’ve been posting the odd time, and reading a lot.

I don’t think it’s always a lost opportunity, as, in my case, this site has still been very much in my mind as somewhere I’m likely to come back and post when I come up against an issue. A follow-up post is a good prompt, though, and has obviously worked ok on me and Katrin!

I’m settling in ok, although there is certainly some tough content on the site, which makes growing the community feel like a big responsibility. My metrics seem to be mostly gradually moving in the right direction but I think there is a way to go in terms of developing a strong sense of community. I suppose this does take time?

One of my challenges is bench-marking and knowing whether I’m on the right track.

Another one is deciding how to use my development resource. I have some ideas for optimising the site for conversion/retention but I want to make sure I’m making data-driven decisions and prioritising the work that will have the most impact.

(Adrian Speyer) #7

@hawk, still around, but I must say, I have been lurking more than engaging (I’ll try to engage more). As for my project, it’s on hold until the new year, mostly because work is keeping me so busy, which is always a good thing :smile:

(Alessio Fattorini) #8

That’s the real sad truth and initiatives like this are really useful to fight such behaviour.
yes, they’re very time-consuming but it’s worth to try :slight_smile: thanks for the hint

(Katrin Naert) #9

They are, thank you

(Keely Maitland) #10

Thanks for asking @HAWK . I really appreciate your advice and the advice from others on this site and as suggested, decided on a Wordpress site with BBpress for my forum. Also as suggested, I commissioned a web developer on Upwork and we now have all the components of my website in place. Next, I need to set up my forum and other pieces, write some content and I’ll be up and running.

I’m realising that I’ve bitten off a huge amount of work (launching a blog and community at the same time) and I’ve still got lots to learn but I’m enjoying the challenge. I can’t believe that 3 months has flown by.

(Sarah Hawk) #11

[quote=“Priscilla, post:6, topic:1682”]
developing a strong sense of community. I suppose this does take time?
[/quote] Yes. That’s the bit that comes last!

Have you established the metrics that are important to you?
For every month I measure
# new members# new members that made a post
Active members (made a post during the month)
Total members
Paid members
Total posts (less me)
Total posts

[quote=“keelym, post:10, topic:1682”]
Next, I need to set up my forum and other pieces, write some content and I’ll be up and running.
[/quote] Exciting times! Great to hear.

(Priscilla McClay) #12

I’m tracking pretty similar stats to you (apart from not having paid members), plus various Google Analytics stats on users, time on site, etc.

Posts and active members are the most important to me at the moment.

(Nick Donoghue) #13

In a way it’s encouraging - if even a group full of CMs suffers the same challenges, then I guess it should make us feel a little better about our own groups! (not helpful I admit, but got to see the positives in these things).

(Sarah Hawk) #14

Heh, agreed. Apparently CMs behave just like normal people! :simple_wink:

(Nick Emmett) #15

Great check in post and replies!