[3 April] What are you working on this week?


(Sarah Hawk) #1

I got so caught up in designing our blog and community home-pages last week that I did next to nothing on my superuser report. I’m presenting on the topic at a conference in a few months so I feel like I need to get organised on it.

That’ll be my primary focus for this week.

I also have a number of bookmarked posts here on Discourse which I need to action, so that’ll be my secondary focus.

What are you working on?

(MHCommMgr) #2

I’m working on my last week as Community Manager here – some transition meetings and some documentation for the most part. I’m sorry this means I won’t be around on Feverbee anymore (I’m taking a content job at a company that has communities, but I won’t be directly involved). I’ve enjoyed this group and learned so much from all of you, specifically @rebeccabraglio and @HAWK but also MANY others.

(Sarah Hawk) #3

Sorry to hear that Kendra – you’ll be missed! Thanks for all the time you’ve invested in being part of this place. Best of luck for your new role.

(Courtney Howell) #4

Congrats on the new job, @MHCommMgr! Enjoy your last week as a CM and good luck on your new venture!

For me, this week I’m trying to figure out some technical things with Higher Logic to get our conference community launched. However, I know next to nothing about our AMS (netFORUM) so there’s been a lot of me as middle(wo)man trying to get HL in touch with our IT department.

Some smaller tasks I have this week are to put in some design requests for an “Ask the Expert” series in our soon-to-be-launched conference community, put together my Q2 90-day plan, and finish up last month’s metrics.

Also, there are various editing, writing, and social media tasks for the non-CM part of my job. :grin:

(MHCommMgr) #5

Thanks! We all do so many various tasks not just CMing – the most varied job possibly that I’ve ever had!

(Nick Emmett) #6

This week I’m knee deep in platform stuff, tweaking, experimenting, (hopefully) improving!
I am out on an event on Thursday as part of our philanthropic efforts helping out at an urban farm where underprivileged kids go and get involved in how a farm works. Then I have a rare day off on Friday to hang out with my two boys!

(Sarah Hawk) #7

That’s cool. Do you do lots of things like that?

Does anyone else’s organisation do this kind of thing?

(Nick Emmett) #8

We do quite a bit as a company I guess. Each employee gets 24 hours (effectively 3 days) of paid time they can go do work with charities etc. The first one of this year we did was on the lawn of the Hotel del Coronado in San Diego where we built bikes and filled backpacks with school supplies for under privileged kids in the area - there were around 300 of us and it was awesome - especially when the kids set to receive them came out at the end of the day! I believe I got a bit of sand in my eye right at that moment! lol