[29 May] What are you working on this week?


(Sarah Hawk) #1

Monday again!

  • This week is month end so it’ll be stats for me for both communities on Thursday.
  • I’m knee deep in coding my superuser site (in conjunction with incorporating feedback from battle testers). That’ll take up most of my time.
  • I need to conduct a few more Our People interviews.
  • I have to learn a new release (new songs, new choreography) for my gym class. They come out every quarter.

What are you up to?

(Shreyas) #2

This week I’m working on:

  • A Mozilla Open leaders project- my project is on improving collaboration and participation on our Discourse forum.
  • Build a speaker training module that can be conducted online(on our Slack channel or weekly hangout calls). The one I worked previously were for offline.
  • Interview volunteers for our upcoming conferences.
  • Work with another community to put together an open house on Diversity at our office on Friday.
  • Plan for the community managers meetup for next month.
  • Hopefully make some time this week to renew my passport.

(Laleh moli) #3

work and refine our theme-based collaboration to ignite users, with the help of this shared experience.

(Piper_Wilson) #4

This week I’m trying to get ahead of the book readings for our book club. So far I’m understanding most of the information which is gratifying.

The summer semester is starting this week and I’m already seeing more parallels between my social media communication class and what I do for my other community.

This week I’m also going to be exposed to stats in my community for the first time.

(Marcin Hakemer-Fernandez) #5
  • This week I’ll be brainstorming a community strategy for my client.
  • I’ll be updating a blog post on strategy.
  • And fixing up my love your tribe website.