[29 August] What are you working on this week?


(Sarah Hawk) #1

@Todd_Nilson and I delivered the strategy and platforms reqs to the client that I mentioned last week and it was well received so I’m feeling rapt, and ready to move onto a new challenge.

This week I’m getting my hands dirty in WordPress and cleaning up some extraneous stuff that is having a negative effect on our SEO. Once I’ve been through this process I hope to get the SEO consultant that I’m working with to do a webinar so that you can all get some tips.

I’m also working on putting together our next Member Spotlight, this time the topic is exclusivity and paid communities.

On Thursday I’m taking some time off to go on a class trip with my twins.

And I’m thinking on ways to make this series of threads more useful/valuable.

(Travis King) #2

Massive community survey about the forums and what they like or don’t like. Fortunately I was not surprised by the results, but it means we have some big work to do to make the next changes :smiley:

Also met up with a whole bunch of our remote workers in Denver. Which was a great time!

(Sarah Hawk) #3

Is this something you do regularly or just when you suspect an issue? Do you have a formal process for actioning results?

(Sorry for the barrage of questions, it’s something I’m curious about.)

(Travis King) #4

No problems with questions :smiley:

We actually haven’t run many community surveys, so I was pretty excited how this one turned out. So we’re pretty much in the newbie category for processes at this point. But one thing I found particularly helpful was putting typed in responses into a word cloud to get a quick feel on responses. It really helped add some clarity.

(Sarah Hawk) #5

That’s a cool idea.

@JoeNarusis, @Lucas and @Stephen_Cribbett are experienced researchers and can no doubt offer guidance around processing your data.

(Richard Millington) #6

Finishing up a few blog posts.

Still working on finishing up two major projects (on Strategy / ROI) and planning out several more this week.

Working on a presentation for the Social Travel Summit in September.

Hopefully revamping our course for an October launch.

(Bas van Leeuwen) #7
  • Working with an external writer to help us with the website copy

  • Telling Community Analytics users that we have a new reporting dashboard that we hope is useful for them (Hi @HAWK, we have a new reporting dashboard, I hope it’s useful for you ).
    Interestingly we already got some positive feedback already by people who self-discovered, that was a pleasant surprice

  • Financial administration :disappointed:

  • Waiting for my co-founder to come back from holiday

(Sarah Hawk) #8

Interested in this. What’s the end goal? Conversions?

(Joe Narusis) #9

@Travis I think the word cloud is a great idea to get a feel for the data. If you want to go more in-depth, what I recommend is creating themes that fit the open ended responses. For example, similar responses such as “I can openly share my experiences in this community without fear” or “I feel safe to share my opinion in this community” would fit under the same theme, such as “the community is accepting of members.” This is known as thematic qualitative analysis. Below are some resources about the process.



This week I am finishing up data analysis and summary report for our survey about using collaboration tools

Performing research about how online teams collaborate, specifically beyond just the tools they use

Determining what factors using of collaboration tools drive overall collaboration

(MHCommMgr) #10

This week I am working on revamping my data tracking sheets and doing some organization there, as well as compiling my KPIs. :grin: Also have a couple meetings with other teams to figure out what bug fixes are priority, and it looks like some good things may be happening on that front.

(Sarah Hawk) #11

Great to hear that something good is happening for you!

(MHCommMgr) #12

Being on the same page about big things is a huge step! It may take time for the work to actually get done but that’s OK.

(Mark Baldwin) #13

Catching up after a week off work, then expanding our Beta testing after a very successful initial test that didn’t pile loads of extra work on me, but resulted in some excellent results. Then I have my PR hat on for some of this week as I work on a release plan for the next update to our game now that the coders have actually finished it. :slight_smile:

(Sarah Hawk) #14

Welcome back. Where did you go on holiday?

(Nick Emmett) #15

More of the same from me - continuing the build of our community’s re-skin and relaunch.
Yesterday was a good day for this as I saw a rainbow on the way in to the office and then a couple of things that had been weighing heavily on my mind got delivered and turned out well, so kicking in some extra motivation and enthusiasm. We only have 4 weeks until our planned relaunch so I’m feeling a bit more back in the game!

This week I have meetings with our customer communications team to talk about events/announcements and messaging we want on the home page at launch, I’ll be talking with our support team to make sure our case creation and tracking pages are doing what we need, continuing the development of the aesthetic across the site and (hopefully) finalising what will be on our homepage.

I also have a check-in with @Chris_Detzel on Friday - a regular catch up we have since working together (albeit miles apart) here at FinancialForce - Chris is now blazing his trail at Rexel.

(Mark Baldwin) #16

Had a lovely time in North Cornwall, stayed right next to the beach and the views in all directions were amazing on my morning runs along the coast.

(Sarah Hawk) #17

Congratulations. :slight_smile:

(Jay Pfaffman) #18

I’m finishing up a data import job for a community moving from a mailing list to Discourse (you’re using it now!). There were about 230,000 messages over 20 years. I wrote a custom importer that built pages for ~8000 images and another that read in some user bios into the “About” field on the profile page.

I’m working on submitting the code that I improved to Github so that others can use it and, as my final paycheck from being a professor was deposited today, wondering if I can continue to find work.

(Richard Millington) #19

You can convert an entire mailing list into online community members?

I didn’t know that was possible (not entirely sure on the ethics of it neither), but it’s an interesting approach.

(Bas van Leeuwen) #20

Increase conversions and increasing closed deals. Currently it is written by me; I’m not that great at creative writing in my native language, let alone English.

After some nudging by several people, including @richard_millington, we’ve decided to move a bit more into the corporate space. This requires a different type of content, since you’d have to convince multiple levels in an organisation (and requires NDAs, legal documents and other non-fun parts of doing business).

We want to move away from the fledgling startup feel; my writing doesn’t quite cut it :slight_smile:
Also, we have some money to spend, so let’s spend it :smiley: