[28 November] What are you working on this week?

(Sarah Hawk) #1

Argh, where is this year going?

It’s a writing week for me.
I’m pulling together my ambassador program research into something digestible.
I’m also writing an article for a fun Xmas project that I run for another community – UXmas.com

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(Nick Emmett) #3

Sounds fun! Getting things done before the end of the year always becomes some kind of frantic trauma for me - hopefully this year just might be calmer - we’ll see.

This week for me is final testing of our new community template before pushing to production environment on Wednesday - config/setup/testing there Thursday/Friday before launching Monday Morning US Eastern Time. The end is finally nigh! Fingers crossed we see no last minute gremlins!

(Phil Betts) #4

This week I have a consultation session I’m preparing for, and I’m putting together the finishing touches with Rich on the new Strategic Community Management course. The videos will be available on Wednesday - it’s been a fair slog getting them uploaded based on their size and quality (uploading at uncompressed 1080p, which the player can then resize).

@HAWK UXmas sounds awesome! That format rocks. My other activity is purchasing a Christmas tree and climbing into the most ridiculous Christmas jumper I have at 12:01am, December 1st. My new Christmas tree base arrived last week, so I’m ready to go. :evergreen_tree:

(Sarah Hawk) #5

Yes! I have to buy a Christmas tree this weekend. It’s my favourite smell in the world.

(Kristen Gastaldo) #6

We’ve got the end of year crunch going. Migrating in a 2nd product’s old forums, launching an early adopter program, and updating all our certification badging.

Can’t believe there are less than 20 working days left in the year!

(Sarah Hawk) #7

Yay! Do you close down over the holidays?

(Kristen Gastaldo) #8

The office does, but most of the community activity comes from members. And many of our members use the software for work, so I’m hoping it’s quiet for them too. This is my first holiday with Alfresco, so I’ll be keeping a decent eye on things, in case it’s still busy!