[27 Feb] What are you working on this week?


(Sarah Hawk) #1

This week I’m working on a new idea to interview community members to highlight the different paths that people take to get here.

I’m also finishing off my community strategy and getting ready to beta launch another product that we’ve been working on.

What’s up in your world?

p.s. do you have feedback on this series of threads?

(JoeBuhlig) #2

I’ve got a new community I’m working to jumpstart. It mostly revolves around support for some software I’m building. The key piece I’m trying to nail down is the level of promotion to do for the software from the community itself without it being a nuisance to existing customers. I could probably do this using a separate site but there’s something to be said for the cleanliness of a single, contained project.

(Sarah Hawk) #3

Exciting times @JoeBuhlig. What platform are you using (and how does it handle ads)?

(Dean Samways) #4

This week I’m continuing to put together an analytics set for Zapnito that demonstrate what excellent community engagement looks like and setting benchmarks for our clients to reach.

I have a good idea as to what I want to measure but if anyone has any ideas as to what I should to monitoring and measuring, I’m all ears.

On top of that, I’m also working on a social media strategy for the company’s own social presence.

Looking forward to reading your interviews @HAWK.

(JoeBuhlig) #5

It would be an odd day if I use anything other than Discourse. :wink: It’s the combination of when to display banner topics, CTAs via navbar, popups, and the like that I’m working out. I know that these things can be extremely helpful (and effective) but I need to make sure it’s not overdone for folks who are already customers/signed up. I also want to make sure people aren’t lost when they’re trying to find the core information (how to install the plugin, what to do to get running, etc…).

(Courtney Howell) #6

This week I’m compiling some survey responses and selecting a group of “super users” to help us update our community rules and guidelines. We’re almost done with those. Yay! I’m also finalizing a Statement of Diversity and Inclusion and a crisis policy. Fun stuff!

(Dean Samways) #7

Hi @JoeBuhlig,

I’d be interested to hear more about why choose Discourse over any other available platform.

I don’t suppose you are prepared to share any documentation around how you choice that particular bit of tech?

Thanks in advance,


(JoeBuhlig) #8

Two years ago I signed up to my first online community. Prior to that, I never participated in online discussions. That community was running Discourse. The only reason I joined was because it was the first time I saw functionality in a forum that compelled me to join as opposed to lurking.

I’m also a developer and found the community on Meta quite welcoming to new contributors. So I started contributing and have since built a handful of plugins for it. I have a strong bias toward Discourse as a result.

And since I’ve customized Discourse heavily via plugins for others, I know I can get pretty much any functionality I want with it. I know I’m not locked into anything specific as a result.

So my decision was effectively a non-decision. It never crossed my mind to consider anything else. :wink:

(Sarah Hawk) #9

Are there any questions in particular that you think would be interesting?
My objective is to demonstrate that we all have different experiences and came to this same place on different paths.[quote=“dean_samways, post:4, topic:5309”]
what excellent community engagement looks like and setting benchmarks for our clients to reach.

I’m fascinated by this. Is there such a thing as a benchmark in this case, given how the nature of every community is so vastly different? (But FWIW I’d measure DAU/MAU)

I’d made that assumption privately. :wink:

Metrics for benchmarking community health
(Lucas Miller) #10

I am working on a rollout strategy for the first phase of my community, which is creating a knowledge base to support our users who are actively engaged on our app.

I am also defining the user experience within the community and outlining both a commitment curve and key metrics we will be looking for to define the value of our community.

Lastly, I will be working with my internal teams to physical build some features of the community and work towards “launch” in April.

(Nikoletta Harrold) #11

Did you consider having a light or time limited version of this software on the community or on Github for download? That was one of our best ways to promote the product but not be a nuisance. We had the free software download link in a prominent spot and easy to find.

(Nikoletta Harrold) #12

OMG @lucasmiller3 you are amazing. Would you be willing to share when you are done or interested in collaborating. I am going through much the same and I feel like it’s all in my head but have no clue how to formalize it on paper…

(Nikoletta Harrold) #13

I am working on gathering UX feedback from employees on our new community skin/ design and learning a lot. I always built b2b communities and this is my first time b2c and more importantly for a target audience 50+ in age. it is immensely interesting how the “older” digital savvy age group wants to interact on communities vs our X and Y generation.

(JoeBuhlig) #14

Yep. I’m planning a freemium model. The plugin is functional from the onset but has premium features and support that come with an annual subscription. So I need to make it super simple to get the information required to get started.

(Lucas Miller) #15

Yes. We should connect! :slight_smile:

(Lucas Miller) #16

I feel you! It’s nice to have this community to come back to and share some ideas and thoughts. Getting trapped in my own head is my own weakness. I find I am much better when I am talking it out with others. :slight_smile:

(Dimitris Bronowski) #17

This week I am working on identifying what are the best events I can organize for a new community. The purpose of the company is to help international students integrate in the country where they study in a way that will help them become global citizens (help them develop the skills, competences and network that they need to start an international professional life). My responsibility is to create a community that will support that purpose. Any ideas on what are the best kind of events? (Of course I will talk with the community members, but I would like to have your ideas as well). I would like to strengthen the relations between the members, help them develop themselves and increase interaction with local businesses.
Looking forward for any ideas or resources (links, great bloggers etc) :slight_smile:

Meet your fellow classmates
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(Sarah Hawk) #19

Welcome @dimitrisbronowski – that sounds like an amazing community!

A great contact for you will be @Angie_J – Angela is Global CM at Wall Street English (wseworld.com)

For an offline/event perspective, @scottgould can likely offer perspective. @katelynrae also has experience running events.

I also wonder if @dun3buggi3 might have some interesting thoughts here.

(Scott Gould) #20

Hi @HAWK and @dimitrisbronowski, happy to help if I can!