[26 September] What are you working on this week?

I’m a day late because I took a long weekend off with my family.

  • This week I’m working on wrapping up our SEO project, which so far has been a big success.
  • We now have a staging server so I’m going to sort out some technical annoyances (like how our Discourse plugin formats excerpts) and some branding stuff.
  • I’m managing a couple of external content projects
  • It’s month end so that means metrics and reporting – and accountability for the last 4 ‘What are you working on’ weeks!

What about you lot? What’s going on in your lives?


This week i’m working on some SEO changes on our wordpress page. Other than that i have looked into some analytics - I update the analytics every monday so we can keep an eye on what is happening :slight_smile:
And then a lot of studying!!! :smiley:

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What kinds of things are you looking to do?
I’ve been doing the same thing – primarily building an on-page keyword architecture, and cleaning up thin content.

  • Cross post a couple of interesting interviews I did to my blog on Medium.
  • Complete this week’s e-learning module on “Introduction to Internet Governance”. (I’ve been accepted into Youth@IGF)
  • Stick to a writing schedule of 1 blog post every week- about some place I’ve travelled, people I’ve talked to, community management, tech or open web.
  • Lean more about Human Centered Design.

This is done. Would probably head for one last practise session on Friday and then it’s showtime on Sunday! :wink:

I hope there’ll be a video @dun3buggi3!?

MY re-launch has been delayed by an incompatibility issue with our Search provider’s components and the latest version of our Community platform (Salesforce’s Community Cloud) - we’ve gone for a couple of weeks to hopefully get sorted. Gives me a litte extra time to work on some other areas, including (but not limited to):

  • Building out our learning area to be deeper and link to content in our other customer content website

  • Sort out the Single Sign On (SSO) into this other area to make sure things are seamlessly accessible

  • I’m trying to get back on track with my running/swimming/HIIT workouts this week, after struggling for a couple of weeks. Started great with a run in the rain yesterday, forgot my speedos for today’s swim session!


Haha. Will share it if they happen to have video cameras set up.:grin:

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Looks interesting…

Typing this mid air on a plane from London to LA for a trade show

We are sponsoring 3 big parties.

We have one person shooting footage of new products
And another will be broadcasting to Facebook Live.

I have a packed meeting diary and will be selling ads & meeting forum fans & out every night at parties. (Social but also selling)

Will be showing off the new design.

I will stagger to bed every night literally in agony with totally worn out legs. My Apple watch walking activity will probably show 4 x my usual steps. Burning leather

Back to our front portal page project. Stresses me out as not sure what we need on it. But its coming into focus slowly. Trying to think basic - not everything has to be “All singing and all dancing”

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Can you base the decisions on data collected before the redesign?

Like what?

What people already look at?

Or what we want them to look at?

Stuff that makes the most money?

The most read content?

Please, suggest a measurement strategy?

All of those?

I’d say that 1 and 4 in your list are the same thing, and 2 and 3 are the same thing.

I’m making assumptions here, but popular current content will keep people coming back, and provided it has enough value for your audience then it can coexist with income generating content.

If it were here I’d use a combination of GA flow visualisation reports and landing page data to see what people were reading and where they were dropping out.

What content options do you have available?

  • Working on getting our members to re-engage with our community following the move to Discourse! Traffic is down a little but otherwise pretty stable. The digests that Discourse spit out are very good for this.

  • Tagging and organising topics, creating clear categories.

  • Working with new and existing affiliates to generate revenue.

  • Adsense revenue is down but that could be due to lack of skyscraper unit. Adding Amazon affiliate banners into the rotation.

  • Beta testing the Discourse app

  • Generally commenting and using @ mentions to bring people back, works very well.

  • Thinking of running a promotion with a prize (Amazon voucher?) to encourage sharing activity (could do with some suggestions on that!)

  • Just read this by @richard_millington so now I’m not sure which of my tasks are moving the needle! Time for a coffee…

This week we are cleaning up some issues in our newly launched intranet after a migration. I’m also following up on last week’s Social Business Collaboration conference in Berlin.

I’ve made my first Storify for that conference:

My key take-aways from that event:

1.- Facebook at Work, looks really promising to engage a whole company on a single platform.

2 .- Changing people’s habits and behaviors towards working out loud is a lot more about people than tools (finding the intrinsic motivators that will get them to share more, to tag their contributions in the appropriate ways, and it’s also about supporting your community managers to help the end users.

3.- It’s impressive to see that about 130, out of the 150 participants were not active on Twitter. We could argue that we don’t need to be actively sharing every bit of the conference on that specific platform. But I think that we lacked indeed a good digital way to continue our exchanges and learnings before and after the conference.
I invited them to join us here. :slight_smile:

Finally, I would say that it was a lot about internal social collaboration, but we did not really touch into the social collaboration that can and should be taking place with partners and customers: open innovation, public or semi public communities…

There’s still a big silo effect: public comms, or internal comms… I would be interested in attending conferences were we tackle both sides of the coin.

And you can influence which topics make it into the digest.

All these things go into the algorithm for the “top topics” which is where the digest draws from (provided you don’t surpress a category):

  • likes count*
  • OP likes count more
  • post count
  • view count

`* these can be influenced further by adding “like multipliers” to trust levels


Interesting thanks, there is so much to learn! I’m picking a lot up from meta.discourse.org Any other valuable resources that you know of?

@Ellie_MacBride recently sent this my way: http://learndiscourse.org/

@finman is also on the hunt for good resources.

I use meta and a weekly scan of the settings to see what’s new/changed.

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