[25 July] What are you working on this week?


(Sarah Hawk) #1

We did talk about running these topics fortnightly, but the last one was really popular so I’m going to test the frequency.

This week I’m curating the Community.is newsletter, evaluating user persona data for a client in place of audience interviews (haven’t done it this way before so it should be interesting), running a Slack AMA session on careers in UX and starting on a new community breakdown.

What is everyone else up to?

(stephen silk) #2

I’ve been keeping an eye on what can best be described as the “Live Streaming” community for some time, watching tech players like Blab, Firetalk, and of course Facebook Live as they move about in this very fast… moving environment.

I take part in “Blabbing for Britain” each thursday at 10am on the Blab.Im platform (although were moving to Firetalk now). It’s just four guys chatting each Thursday about stuff of interest to us. We’ve kinda become friends over the last four months, it certainly feels to me that it’s a good use of my time (I’m a one man band software product developer)

I’m wondering if Feverbee have a view on these diverse, video based communities?

So what I’m working on this week is to run a Firetalk “show” about / discussing “communities”, anyone else interested?



(Richard Millington) #3

Working on how to quantify the value of undertaking research via an online community instead of via other methods. Finding it hard to quantify things like time to market and ideas which were implemented etc…

Very open to ideas others have here.

Going back to regular daily blog posts from today too.

Also looking at revamping the training course for our autumn season. Happy to hear of any ideas anyone has for it.

(Sarah Hawk) #4

Sounds like an interesting project Stephen.

Formal community aside, if you’ve found a way to bridge that social/connection gap that lone or remote workers often experience, then I think the value is clear!

I think that as new technologies emerge, people with the courage (and capacity) to give things a go early on are going to be in a strong position if they take off.

I’m curious though – are these communities or are they audiences? Do the people that watch the show actually engage?

(Richard Millington) #5

@designanalytics that sounds like a really great community. It’s like a sense of community build around radio shows and magazines too. They can be incredibly strong.

It blues the line between community and audience, but I don’t see that as a critical challenge.

I am slightly skeptical about embracing every new technology though. There are certainly big benefits to being an early adopter, but there is also the danger of something not taking off. I suspect many organisations that closed down their communities and move to a Facebook page or Google+ are probably now regretting it.

(stephen silk) #6

the live streaming paradigm is so new, it’s the latest wild west of tech. Platform providers have made big investments and then completely changed direction (e.g. Blab)

We, the guys I interact with, are the enthusiastic amateurs giving our opinions/feedback and sometimes they listen!

We’re currently trying out Firetalk, the main difference as far a I see it is that you don’t need to "sign up) to watch, take part in a live session. The user engagement ( community building) is expected to come from the “broadcasters” own social media and existing contacts.

I can’t claim that it’s a community as yet, maybe just an opportunity to further engage my own friends / colleagues, but I’m hopeful it will play a part of community building.

The interactivity during a show sparks off so many new thoughts/ideas.


(Nick Emmett) #7

This week I am mostly wearing my second hat as a Customer Success Manager and trying to get on top of the challenges some of my customers are facing external to our Community.

Whilst wearing my Community Manager’s hat I will be installing and configuring our search engine (Coveo) in to my sandbox version to make sure the new version still provides the same results as our previous version. Also I have a couple more stakeholder engagement meetings - I had a couple last week (with our creative/marketing team and with our Strategic team - this week it’s Product, Development and our Global Operations VP).

Our activity also dipped a bit last week so I’ve got some digging to see where that came from and how to pick things up.

3 balls is all I can juggle in literal terms - I get the idea of 4 but haven’t managed it yet - see what else comes up this week!

(Nick Emmett) #8

I remember @peterbutton was looking at building a community around a podcast when we spoke at SPRINT London earlier this year - this may interest you Peter - and how’s it all going?[quote=“richard_millington, post:3, topic:3346”]
Going back to regular daily blog posts from today too.

I quite like the daily posts - is there a reason why we just get snippets in the forum post about it now? I like being able to read the whole article in here and comment as such!

(Richard Millington) #9

We were worried about hurting out SEO ranking by duplicating content. Noticed a small negative impact since we began a direct duplicate. Could be pure coincidence, but we want to be sure.

(Peter Button) #10

Thanks for remembering @Nick_Emmett.

Yes, I plan to launch the podcast in September. My ideas for the associated online community have also developed a lot now that I know just how much hard work is required to develop and maintain engagement.

I’m about to take some time out for annual leave, but hope to post what I’m doing here some time around late August. I’ll be really interested in your observations!

(Chris Detzel) #11

Peter, I look forward to your post in late August. I’m interested in how:
you are organizing, frequent will you be doing this, how you came up with
topics to talk about, how far in advance to you have scheduled out…

(Sarah Hawk) #12

Is this something that you do regularly? Or are you solving a specific problem?

So this interests me. Is activity generally so stable that a dip one week constitutes research?

(Nick Emmett) #13

So my stakeholder meetings at the minute is a little bit of PR around the changes we’re making to our platform, essentially making sure that the heads of are on board and that we wont get any blockers/barriers from their areas.

Our activity has been fairly steady, with moderate increases recently, this was a significant dip. I’m not particularly worried - I just want to see if theres anything I could influence. I was probably wrapped up a bit too much in the other side of my role las week in fairness - I expect things to be back on track this week! But we’ll see.

(Richard Millington) #14

Key thing here…summer holidays :slight_smile:

Unless you see a specific relative drop from one particular source, I would assume summer holidays is the problem. Every community tends to dip a little at the end of July.

(Sarah Hawk) #15

In the middle of winter? That’s crazy!

(Mark Baldwin) #16

Busy end of the week here as we’ve just decided to do a limited Beta test with some of our community on the latest update to our game. The upcoming update was running later than expected and some of the community was getting restless, so this was a good way of showing progress. Had to turn notifications off on my phone last night as my email went crazy, today I need to start sifting through applications but I’m also using this opportunity to do a bit of extra data mining as I will be sending all applicants a little survey, which will include some questions not really relevant to the Beta test, but should provide some more information on playing styles.

(Sarah Hawk) #17

Sounds interesting. What do you do with that information?

(Richard Millington) #18

I’d be curious to see what emails you send out to those you do and don’t select. The tone of language must be very interesting in each.

(Mark Baldwin) #19

I will collect the information and feed in to our designers and programmers to see if it highlights any potential issues with the game. For example one of the questions I’ve asked is if the customer uses multiple saves. We spent a lot of effort to put multiple saves in the game, but if nobody uses them, then maybe we should consider dropping the feature. We make sports games, so I’ve also asked a question about what other sports games they might be willing to play in the future. This way we might already have some people we can test ideas on who we already know like that sport.

(Mark Baldwin) #20

I will only be contacting those who are successful. I tried to cut down on my workload by mentioning this in my first email to every applicant which mentions in part “Due to the large number of people wanting to be in the Beta, we will not be able to reply to everyone who applies, so if you do not get an email on Monday then you’ve not been successful this time. If this happens to you, please don’t be put off from applying again in the future, in fact we would love to keep you on record as someone who is willing to help us out in future tests.”