[23 Jan] What are you working on this week?


(Sarah Hawk) #1

This week is a busy one with our Strategic Community Management course kicking off tomorrow. I’m working through the course myself, as well as supporting @lizcrampton who is using my other community as her case study.

I’m also working on building our next content sub-site, finishing off a content piece and starting a new content initiative here at experts.

What’s on your plate for the week?

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(Gear Buzz) #3

Development / monetization / Road map planning sessions.

Search functionality (we have 10 million posts) getting elasticsearch involved.

Visual presentation - some core page types need love

Monetization - again - visual presentation

XenForo migration - forward planning discussions.

(Nick Emmett) #4

My week initially started off as catch up as I was away last week with the family.
I’m also starting a project to transfer a ton of content from our other customer facing, broadcast only web site, through to our Community site, so customers no longer have to go to two different places to get all our information.

Trying to get a couple of support cases nailed that are currently holding updates and development work back on our Community.

Working on what my role here is now going to look like as I transition from a dual role situation in to one focussing solely on Community - which is awesome!

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