[22 August] What are you working on this week?


(Sarah Hawk) #1

I’m finishing off the deliverables for a client in preparation for a call on Wednesday.

I’m excited to be working with an SEO expert to crack a couple of traffic flow and conversion issues.

I’m working on some strategies to reengage lapsed members.

I have a Slack Q&A session to run later this week on using emotion and storymaking to build user experiences.

[29 August] What are you working on this week?
(Nick Emmett) #2

I’m getting closer towards some testing on our community template refresh - a couple of technical issues outstanding with our search provider that i need to work through with them, but things are starting to take shape now. I’m also starting to put together a list of some of our top members to canvas for the testing phase.

Other than that - I’ve had a week off the fitness and weight loss mission following a wedding trip last weekend and early part of this week, so I’m trying to get myself motivated to get back in to the groove this week, 3 runs (anyone on Strava? Fancy a Feverbee club there?), 2 swim sessions, and at least 2 HIIT strength sessions to get in at some point! I have a plan somewhere - honest!

(Rebecca Braglio) #3

Email communications. Yawn.

(Shannon Emery) #4

I am working on internal email communications for my team this week to align with our brand and mission. I came up with ideas, we met as a team and will be reviewing it all with our boss here shortly.

I’m also working with one of our next generation products to implementing Marketing around the Community to show transparency, willingness to work with our clients and move forward to a community centered business. I’m excited since this particular product doesn’t always feel the love.

Personally, I’m just excited for a bit of cooler weather, sleeping in on Saturday and going to the beach. :slight_smile:

(Daniel Schultz) #5

Hello all! First time posting and excited to be part of this community of community enthusiasts.

I work at The Internet Archive as a senior creative technologist: code, code, lots of code… We’re releasing some new features to http://politicaladarchive.org in the next week or so.

(Sarah Hawk) #6

Jealous. It’s the middle of winter here. It’s been raining forever.

Welcome, by the way. Great to hear from you. :slight_smile:
Can you tell us any more about your community?

(Sarah Hawk) #7

Hi Daniel,
Senior creative technologist. Love that.

What kinds of new features? Are they community related?

(Shannon Emery) #8

Ah, yes, the reason I’m here!

I help run the Blackbaud Community by managing multiple product communities and assisting with the overall global space. Blackbaud develops and creates software specifically for the nonprofit sector - everything from financial software to database management. In our community, our clients (and other nonprofit professionals) can come to discuss the products, network with one another and delve into best practices for their industry and organizations. It’s been an amazing ride since we went from the disparate community model to one consolidated community model to serve our clients better.

(Alessio Fattorini) #9

I’m working on my content strategy for the month of September! And trying to re-activate my community after a low level of engagement in August (summer… vacation and so on…)

p.s. Ehi Shannon happy to see you here too! :slight_smile:

(Richard Millington) #10

What is your content strategy?

I’m curious recently how people are defining the difference between their goals, objectives, strategy, action plan etc…

I’m realising my terminology here is often very different from what a lot of poeple use.

(Sarah Hawk) #11

I’m interested in this. Can you elaborate?

I use ‘goals’ and ‘objectives’ interchangeably, although I think the technical difference is that goals are aspirational and objectives are practical and measurable.

So a goal might be promote healthier business operations which an objective might be achieve 10% growth month on month.

I think of a strategy as a way to get from here to achieving those objectives, and an action plan as the specific tactical steps that need to be taken to do that.

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