2019 New Year Resolutions?


(Joel Rangelle) #1

Hi All,

I’m drafting up a guest blog post on New Year resolutions for community managers and I wanted to share what I’ve written to see if you guys had any further thoughts (OR if this can be helpful in guiding your own resolutions). Let me know what you think?


As a community manager, you’ve probably covered all the basics such as approving your community’s budget for the new year, provided performance reviews of your staff, and mapped out your community strategy to align with organizational goals. Nevertheless, there are always more opportunities to increase your community’s prominence. What resolutions do you have planned for 2019 and how can you derive more value out of your community for your organization?
• What new early-stage relationships do you want to cultivate with employees, suppliers, vendors or partners?
• How can you create more networking touchpoints between your community and key constituencies to deliver community-driven solutions?
• How can you present your community’s data to stakeholders in new and novel ways for better insight?
• How can you vest key stakeholders into community decisions and let them be a critical and rewarding part of the conversation?
• What growth areas are happening within the organization, and how can you be an integral part of its delivery?
What are your community goals for 2019? Share in the comments below. #communitygoals