[20 March] What are you working on this week?


(Sarah Hawk) #1

Happy Monday.

This week I’m

  • wrapping up a few final changes to the new community platform comparison tool that we launched last week.
  • getting stuck back into the last round of edits on my superuser content piece and getting the sub-site built
  • researching some world-class examples of communities across different benchmarks
  • doing a few optimisation tweaks on our new homepage

What’s up for you?

(Richard Millington) #2

It’s been a few weeks since I joined in this. My goals this week:

  1. Try and get more reviews for our new community platform comparison tool. Really proud of this but need a lot more reviews to make it a success.

  2. Delivering the final training session of our SCM course.

  3. Delivering a training session with Salesforce. You’re invited!

  4. Recruiting a data person for 2 data projects. One for a client.

  5. Plenty of paperwork to catch up on :slight_smile:

(Courtney Howell) #3
  • Starting in on a 90-day plan for Apr through Jun
  • Meeting with team to nail down launch ideas for our dedicated conference community
  • Watching a webinar on how to create quick, helpful infographics in order to make my monthly metrics more easily digestible (am hoping to also send quarterly reports to execs, so I want them to look extra nice)
  • Recovering from SXSW :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Love reading everyone’s goals/plans!

(Robyn Jordan) #4
  • Compiling a list of potential invites to Advocacy Hub
  • Documenting all my work so far and strategy docs around Advocacy
  • Starting a mentor / mentee relationship (very excited to have a resource to help me grow)
  • Continuing job search while making sure to not drop any balls at current job
  • Internal Marketing and content creation to tout benefits of program if done right

I love this as a way to keep me accountable and see what others are working on.

(Sarah Hawk) #5

That’s cool. Where did you find a mentor?

(Robyn Jordan) #6

I just asked @Carrie_Jones and she said yes! :slight_smile:

(Gear Buzz) #7

More monetization building work, nearly done

Work now starts on Elasticsearch in earnest first for a product database then for the forum content.

No more tweaks for VBulletin - migration to XenForo 2.0 begins in April. (Will take us ages)

Software downloads store 70% done - ball is in my court.

Meetings for April trade shows being booked.

(Alessio Fattorini) #8

Working on improving my talk at Codemotion Rome on “Community in a nutshell for developers” :slight_smile:
I wrote a few thoughts taken from my talk here

(Shreyas) #9

I’m working on a couple of things this week-

  • Organize and curate the first ever conference that I will be directing after joining HasGeek two months ago! (OMG!). This is a huge responsibility and I’m super excited (and nervous).
  • Organizing content, identifying resource people and setting up a calendar for our Community Managers open house that would happen every month, starting April. This is perfectly timed with the launch(re-launch?) of CMX series program and would be a great opportunity for me to get closer to my dream of building a community of cmgr’s in India. :slight_smile:
    Here’s my draft. In case you know of any community managers in India(more specifically in Bangalore), please connect!
Click to expand Screenshot

  • Work with the marketing and conference production team to set up a “HasGeek community” station at all our conferences going forward and design what happens in the station and the content.
  • Volunteer work-help plan out the Mozilla Web curriculum development workshop we’re putting together in June.
  • Start planning for my Paris+Amsterdam vacation starting in 2 weeks!:relieved:

(Sarah Hawk) #10

That sounds amazing! I’m jealous.

(Duncan Field) #11

Would you be able to comment on homepage philosophy? I’m a little overwhelmed at having to make big choices, even if just for our alpha and internal test groups

(Sarah Hawk) #12

Are you talking about why we designed our new homepage to include the features that it does @duncanfield ? If so, we’re chatting about it in this topic. Let us know what your sticking points are and we can troubleshoot.

(Nick Emmett) #13

My week is roughly panning out like this:

  • Finalising my presentation for our first UK User Group
  • Begin my presentation for our two global customer events, Community Live, in London and Las Vegas. these are going to be great and my two sessions are going to involve 3 customer/members at each session in a panel style session.
  • Working with our admin/development team regarding some tweaks and enhancements we (I) need making.
  • starting to get some ideas down for some UX interviews I’m planning with some of our members.

(Nick Emmett) #14

This is really great, and I still owe you a review for Salesforce. Have you spoken to the vendors about this, I know for something as potentially powerful as this is they would be keen to get their customers to proved reviews - which already happens to various other sites.

Wish i could make this but Thursdays are a bad day fro me to travel, I have however recommended one of our customers to attend as they’re looking at launching their own community now, on Salesforce too. Hopefully someone will be able to come down.

There’s always plenty of that to fall back on - I do my best to avoid it for as long as I can!

(Sarah Hawk) #15

Awesome! Let me know if you need any resources.

We have. A few of them have asked customers to provide reviews already.

(Laura Small) #16

We are updating our community welcoming system! Its always more complex than meets the eye

(Sarah Hawk) #17

Good to hear from you Laura. :slight_smile:

I’m intrigued. What is involved in your system? Is it automated or a series of processes?

(Laura Small) #18

Hiiii @HAWK ! I received a nifty email from feverbee inviting back and viola, here I am!

Our welcoming system has been manual for 3+ years. And by manual I mean, community members are manually welcoming new users with their own custom welcome templates daily. As the volume of new users is over 1k daily, the scale at which the community has taken this project on is remarkable. Using this manual system, we were able to get to 60% of all new members welcomed daily.
But, it’s an imperfect system in many ways (we want to welcome 100% of newbies!!), so time to automate it fully. This update will still include the community. Listeners who have reached a certain level of trust in the community will unlock the ability to welcome others. Once they opt-in, the welcome messages will be sent automatically from their account. The welcomers can opt-out at any point. In participating, if the newbie replies to the welcome note, the welcomer will be responsible for replying to them, showing them around the site, answering questions…etc.

Humans & technology working together to make the 7 Cups universe a more welcoming place!

(Sarah Hawk) #19

Excellent. It works!

I love the sound of that system. As you say, an effective blend of people and machines. Keep us updated on how it goes. I imagine there are many others that would be keen to implement something similar.