2: Analysing where members are coming from


(Sarah Hawk) #1

Once we’ve benchmarked our current growth rate, we need to figure out where those members are coming from.

Use Google Analytics to find out the main sources of traffic to your community.
You can do that by selecting Acquisition --> All traffic --> Channels

We can see that the majority of people visit our community via organic search or search engine referrals. (I suspect most – if not all of you will find the same thing). Those people probably don’t even see the front page that we spent so much time optimising for conversion.

The Pareto principle tells us that 80% of our results comes from 20% of our effort. Identifying that 20% so that you can optimise those activities is the key to growth.

For example, if your value proposition is on your main landing page and only 20% of people are currently exposed to it, what can you do to increase that?

An obvious way would be to identify the 20 most popular articles/discussions posts and add registration CTA (call to action) messages into those.

You can do that by selecting Behaviour --> All pages

Another way is to add a modal registration CTA when someone reads x articles or posts.

Once you’ve made those changes, measure weekly to monitor the growth rate.

Here is a bonus read: How to Use Google Analytics Acquisition Reports

3: Analysing sources to maximise conversion
6: Stimulating traffic
(Nick Emmett) #2

Another great post, thanks. I’m learning loads so far. Even about Google Analytics, which is an absolute labyrinth fi you don’t know where to look!

Virtually all our traffic (at the minute) is coming direct, which is really the nature of the way it is set up right now, in that members access it from within our applications. Long term this will likely change as at the minute we don’t have any public/open areas of the Community, which we will in the near future as we open a Knowledge Base and integrate our company blog etc.

(Sarah Hawk) #3

Next week we’ll talk about traffic sources and ways to optimise for conversion.

(Doug Agee) #4

Thanks @HAWK. We now have GA set up and this is a great report. We too have the majority of the traffic coming from the direct channel which correlates to the newsletter we sent to members on 10/1.

A question for you. Have you set up any of the goals on this report? For example: Goal Conversion Rate. Wondering if you have some guidance to share on that exercise?

(Sarah Hawk) #5

I have actually been experimenting with goals. I have one set up to measure the conversion rate from the registration page at the moment, but that essentially does the same thing as the calculations we did in Week 1. Let me refine my thinking a bit and come back to you.

Is there anything in particular that you’re interested in trying to use goals for?

(Doug Agee) #6

Sounds like you are looking at the goal portion of GA too.

(Sarah Hawk) #7

I’ve had this banner designed to drop into our 10 most popular articles.