[19 June] What are you working on this week?


(Sarah Hawk) #1

I’m excited to say that this should be the final week that I’m working on my superuser piece! I’m wrapping up the styling and frameworks, ready for launch.

I have a busy week of calls, both with clients and people I mentor.

I’m also in the final stages of the new community homepage project, which I really excited about.

In my other community, our bookclub is starting to take off and I’m beginning to work on a new mentoring project, taking participants through a UX process from start to finish – the outcome being a documented project for their portfolios.

What’s on your plate?

(remah) #2

Nothing. Just messing about in a big boat at the start of our holiday in the South Island of New Zealand. :ship:

The sea between the two main islands is almost flat. The winter sun is beating down on us under a cloudless sky. And, in normally windy Cook Strait, the only wind is from the ferry we are travelling on. :sunny:

I can feel it from here. Hope you do as well as I expect you to. :sparkler:

(Sarah Hawk) #3

I’m SO close to abusing my power and banning you just because I’m jealous.
Have a magic holiday.

Appreciated. :slight_smile:

(Nicole Relyea) #4

I’m working on coming up with the questions for some satisfaction surveys we’ll be running later in the month, both for our members and our moderators.

I’ve also been digging into Google Analytics in preparation for some SEO-related activities we’re undertaking. Related to that I’m researching the efficacy of editing post titles to improve search results.

Finally, we’re in the initial planning stages for launching our community newsletter and are looking into best practices and the logistics behind this.

Should be a full but fascinating week!

(Kathleen Ulrich) #5

Congrats to all - Excited to see Sarah’s new home page!!

I took the Strategic Community Management course Q1, 2017 and it took me several months to reallocate resources. But i have rolled out one initiative for my most passionate members and it has paid for itself in a month. Last Thursday, I emailed an announcement about another initiative directed to people lacking career confidence and it got a 60% open rate. I am following up on both of those with a call-to action. Will send that this week.

I finished a study guide this week and have just posted it. It includes member created pdfs, whitepapers, webinars, discussions, blog posts and power point decks, as well as some reference material for further reading. I’ve divided the content into 10 categories and set up 10 new forums related to the categories. I am just about ready to announce this. I am not sure how it will be received.

I am also posting the first in a series of recorded member updates - Put that up this morning and already had a request and a volunteer. And it’s not even announced!

Now I need to review and revise the metrics and measurements for these new initiatives, but I’m feeling pretty good about the first 2.