[19 December] What are you working on this week?

(Sarah Hawk) #1

It’s the last working week of 2016 for us at FeverBee (and I imagine for many of you).

What have you got planned?

I’m completing all the tasks that have been collecting on Post-It notes while I worked on a research project for the last few weeks.

My biggest challenge (which admittedly is not a huge challenge) is how to handle the welcome thread over the holidays. At the moment I change our welcome messages/emails weekly to point to this thread. I’m trying to decide whether to set a reminder to do that over the holidays or to have a ‘catch all’ topic for a few weeks.

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(Wendelyn DeMoss) #3

I too have a few post-its to get through. :slight_smile:
I am usually trying to think about our members and “what would they do.” However, reading your choices as a user myself I say go for a random think about. Would be awesome to be up front, “hey, glad you had a chance to check in with us during the holiday. Some of us are taking some time away but this is a great spece to check in to and at various times we’ll sllbe back in to join you. What a great time to reflect on our work this year. Or, maybe your spending time planning your strategy for the new year. Hope you’ll share a bit of what your reflecting on here. As everyone checks in over the next few weeks we’ll all have some new ideas to ponder.”

As a user I would jump in to that one if I logged in. Somehow it sort of feels safe, virtual potential empty room yet a place I’d be free to contribute. Make sense?

(Sarah Hawk) #4

Definitely. I love the idea and appreciate the insight.

(Nick Emmett) #5

Still making a few tweaks to our newly launched community - there are a couple of places that are ambiguous in how they direct people and are causing a couple of issues for our support team here.
Still tweaking our search indexing too - predominantly profile driven but just trying to make sure as much as possible is indexed and available without breaching security issues internally.

I also have a few loose ends to tie up from my other role here. Finishing tomorrow (Wednesday) but will be checking in to the Community (both a t work and here) over the course of the break.

(Sarah Hawk) #6

Yay! Happy holidays.