[18 July] What are you working on this week?


(Barb Hansen) #21

Nice to hear from you @HAWK and to read what everyone else is doing.

I am working on documentation of staff roles and responsibilities as we launch our community and documentation new business operations procedures to support our community.

(Sarah Hawk) #22

Different situation, I think.

You’re talking channels within one organisation.
I’m (and I assume @Ellie_MacBride is also) talking 5 different ‘organisations’.
I leave the FeverBee channels that I’m not actively using, as per our protocol, but I still have 5 organisations.

(Sarah Hawk) #23

Sounds like a big job! Do you have a large community team?

(Rob Bosch) #24

I am working on myself this week (and next 6 weeks) I signed up for a community strategy course with the collegues of CMX.
Already learned a ton. Now all the things I already know get a name and make sense. Plus a LOT new things to learn.

(MHCommMgr) #25

Hey @Rob_Bosch, I’m in that class too!

(Sarah Hawk) closed #26