[18 July] What are you working on this week?


(Sarah Hawk) #1

What challenges are on your plate this week?

I’m working on a community strategy for a client that’s launching a new learning product, putting together a member spotlight on Ambassador Programs for you guys, starting a new weekly breakdown, and working on some KPI predictions for a @Darren_Gough . It’s school holidays here so my no 1 challenge is juggling work around my kids.

I’d love to hear from @Annie, @Tatjana_Luethi, @LorindaE, @Katie_Postma, @Patience_Mack, @Gina_Tyree, @Alexander_Zhukov, @CMDR and @Joaquin_Soriano who all joined recently, but anyone is welcome to jump in.

Also, welcome to @Othello, @Rob_Nicholson and @Jean_Gomes

Customizing a Discourse Forum for non coders and designers
(Nick Emmett) #2

Love these kind of threads - getting into the nitty gritty of where people are at right now!

I’m in the process of transitioning our Community from a custom config to one of Salesforce’s out of the box templates, this week on that side of things I have several meetings with my internal stakeholders to make sure any technical/internal support i need is lined up and there’ll be no blockers along the way.

In my Community I’ll be working on our own latest member spotlight, reaching out to some of our up and coming contributors 1 to 1, and I’m also starting to think about reaching out to some of our potential lurkers - we have lots of people logging in but not contributing - i want to see what they’re up to more specifically, and if they’re finding what they want/need. We have a lot of members that come to our Community to log their support cases.

(Richard Millington) #3

How are you measuring member spotlights? I’ve always been curious to see what kind of impact they have?

I’m working on getting a big project about the ROI of communities complete, onboarding our new designer, and putting together a talk for tomorrow in London.

One challenge I’d love to solve at the moment is figuring out a more predictable ways of establishing the ROI of communities. I’d be curious to track how many people measure it and how they measure it.

(Sharon Nyangweso) #4

Love this! I feel like I have three million big projects on the go at any given time:

  1. I’m trying to get a team together to discuss how we can measure digital engagement especially long term for learning materials. Ie. how does certain content impact the life of a community member over a period of time, and how do they engage with it.

  2. Working on figuring how I can take advantage of Facebook Live for my community. Any thoughts? What has worked for you guys?

  3. I’m also doing some research about language - E.Africans are adopting the internet at massive rates, but internet content in languages like Amharic and Kinyarwanda is at like 2%. I’d love to hear if anyone has any thoughts about encouraging community members to become content creators.

Have a great week everyone!

How do you encourage community members to become content creators?
(Suzi Nelson) #5

We had our first ever Lurker’s Week last week and it went swimmingly. This week Im working on a case study about our results.

(Sarah Hawk) #6

What’s a Lurker’s Week @Suzi_Nelson? Sounds interesting!

New initiative for engaging "lurkers"
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(Ellie MacBride) #8

Hey all,

First-time poster, though I admittedly have lurked on some threads. Really appreciate the collective insights here!

This week is big for me, as I’m transitioning into a CM role after convincing my team that it’s needed at our stage (not only did I have to make a case for the role, I had to explain to my manager what a community manager does haha!) But now that I’ve gotten buy-in from stakeholders, it’s now 100% up to me to build this thing from the ground up.

I’ve just signed up to use Discourse as our community platform, so this week will mostly be spent building/testing that out and finalizing a launch and moderation plan. I’m also working on a couple articles for our blog, as well as teaming up with our product team on one of their Q3 projects related to patron-creator engagement.

I live in an intentional community in San Francisco with fifteen others, so I pretty much live and breathe community. I belong to five Slack channels, so there are always conversations trying to grab my attention. I’m trying really hard this week to not give in to the notification temptation though…:slight_smile:

(Sarah Hawk) #9

Yay! Great to hear from you Ellie – glad you took the plunge.

Definitely my area of expertise! If you need support with any of that, say the word.

I’ve never heard of an intentional community – sounds interesting. Can you elaborate?

(Ellie MacBride) #10

Thank you so much! I’m definitely enjoying getting a chance to play around on it here. :blush:

Sure! It’s essentially a group of people living together who are focused on shared visions and values. Basically, we got a group of friends together and then found somewhere to live (as opposed to the other way around). We each have an AOR (Area of Responsibility) that directly benefits the group (I’m in charge of managing events, another roommate runs our communal food program, another does finances, etc.) We’re registered as an LLC and tend to function a bit like a company (we have meetings and personal growth check-ins). It really is an incredible way to live. :slight_smile:

(Sarah Hawk) #11

I’m fascinated. At my place it usually feels like all the areas are my responsibility!!

(Chris Detzel) #12

I thought I would chime in on this. It’s a great topic, and seems to be
really driving discussion. We have over 150 websites over the world.
Customers buy electrical equipment from us and for them to buy, they have
to be approved to buy online or to get an account. Our community is not
truly integrated with our websites. We have been working on adding the
German and French language to our community. (Telligent Platform) I
believe that by connecting our community to our website, we will see more
customers come. Long story about why we think this, but below are the
things we are focused on this week, into next week.

  1. Single sign on for customers going from our website into our community.
    We have Telligent helping us build an API to do this.
  2. Continue to fix language problems - 95% done with French and English
  3. Working on a better customer experience for the front page and login
  4. Researching Rewards and Recognition Program for the community


(Richard Millington) #13

Hey @Ellie_MacBride, that’s fantastic. Congratulations. Good luck at Patreon.

I remember reading Amanda Palmer’s book some time ago about how she used it and finding the platform really interesting.

Curious about the 5 slack channels though? Are they for work?

(Richard Millington) #14

By language problems, does this mean translating what you have into different languages or letting people participate in multiple languages? I’ve seen both approaches used here.

(Nick Emmett) #15

Welcome @Ellie_MacBride and great job on taking that leap in to posting!

What were the things you used to get this buy-in, what sort of things were in your business case and which things did you highlight as a being what a Community Manager does? This could be a great help to lots of other people in the group who are maybe heading towards similar conversations but not sure where to start,

(Ellie MacBride) #16

Oh nice! Funny enough, your article from today on learning how to let community members participate reminds me of Amanda’s book (The Art of Asking is the one I believe you’re referring to). One of the biggest dealbreakers we see with potential Patreon creators is that they don’t want to ask their fans for money. The thing is, their fans want to give them money and all they have to do is let them. It’s amazing how just changing one word like that will flip your perspective so drastically.

Ah, my many Slack workspaces. One is for Patreon staff, one was created by some Patreon creators, another is for a yearly event some friends throw, another is my Burning Man camp and then finally my co-op. A couple of those are definitely a lot noisier than some…

(Sarah Hawk) #17

I also have 5 Slack channels. I much prefer that to different apps for each job/group though.

(Rachel McGuigan) #18

I could give you a list of things that I am working on, but I am a bit more interested in what has been discussed. @HAWK does Feverbee have a slack channel, because I would be really interested in that.

Currently I am brainstorming some ideas for onboarding new community visitors as the team moves from a customized open source platform to a new one. Mediating the transition and making some decisions about the EOL and migrating to the new platform is on everyone’s mind. I would be really interested to learn about other’s experiences with this.

One other burning question is tackling a technical issue that is high profile and a big deal to the current community in a unified way.

(Sarah Hawk) #19

We use it internally and for our Advanced Engagement Methods course participants, but we don’t have a public channel. Interesting that you ask though – I manage another community and we have both a forum and a public Slack channel. I’m finding it quite difficult having the conversation split across two places with some audience crossover, but not not a lot.

What appeals about Slack over forums for you @Rachel_McGuigan? The fact that you already have it open for other things?

You need to swap notes with @MHCommMgr! See this topic.

(Richard Millington) #20

ah, we have a relatively simple solution for the slack dilemma these days.
We leave all channels that we’re not working in at that particular time.