[18 April] What are you working on this week?


(Robyn Jordan) #22

My podcast is #WizardTeam a Harry Pottercast. I can share here we are keeping it a surprise though, it’s Daniel José Older

(Ben Welch-Bolen) #23

Hi, my name is Ben and I am working to create a large community of entrepreneurs and business owners who are dedicated to helping each other and their businesses survive, prosper and flourish. Mostly in the research and mockup stage right now :slight_smile:

I am looking to learn from this community as I found a couple good posts and wanted to join. And, I am hoping to give back what I learn!

(Nick Emmett) #24

Hey there @ben_welch-bolen - welcome to Feverbee - it’s great to have you here. Sounds like a gret idea for a Community - where will your members come from? Have you worked in Community Management before? It’d be great to hear the kind of things you hope people might share and the value they might gain in your community.

I look forward to following your journey, be sure to shout up if you have any questions, there’s a ton of experience and knowledge in here, all levels so there’s no such thing as a silly question - there’s always someone that can learn from all posts and questions :slight_smile:

(Ben Welch-Bolen) #25

Thanks! Going to start with my network as taking a bit of a micro network approach to the marketing side of things. I haven’t worked as a community manager directly, but as an entrepreneur overseen a lot of businesses and customer service teams. I am hoping a lot of that translates :).

For just reading and listening :slight_smile:

(Robyn Jordan) #26

Here’s the link to my bonus podcast with Daniel José Older if you’re interested in writing and representation in publishing and the media.

Also, we appeared on the New York Public Library’s podcast The Librarian Is In which you can also listen to:

(Sarah Hawk) #27

Welcome @ben_welch-bolen – great to hear from you.
The micro-network approach is a good one. We recommend that people start small with strong relationships and then build on it from there. Have you decided what platform you’re going to use?

@robynravenclaw Cool! They look like interesting side projects.

(Piper_Wilson) #28

Hey there. Welcome. You’re definitely in the right place. :slight_smile:

(Ben Welch-Bolen) #29

@HAWK Ah good to hear, that strategy meshes pretty well with what I think is the easiest path to grow it (or at least what I want to try 1st).

In terms platform I am gong to build a custom one. I hope to use a lot of apis available for certain things like forums, but otherwise want to have full control of this.

(Ben Welch-Bolen) #30

Also, happy to help with anything web hosting, wordpress, or so on. I’ve got 17 years in that industry and can prob help or connect you to someone who can (lot of good contacts in the hosting industry too). Beyond that I can probably help with marketing/seo which I’ve done for a long time.

(Sarah Hawk) #31

Discourse and Vanilla are both good open-source options, depending on whether your PHP or Rails.

Brilliant! That might come in handy, thanks!