[18 April] What are you working on this week?


(Sarah Hawk) #1

I’m a day late this week because I’ve been enjoying a relaxing Easter break without my computer. I hope some of you were able to do the same.

@richard_millington is currently away trekking in Nepal (!!) so I’m holding down the fort this week.

That includes redesigning our About Us page and working on a new community ‘homepage’ that will help new users here to find the places, people and information that they are looking for.

What are you guys working on?

(Courtney Howell) #2

I did the same thing over the holiday weekend, @HAWK! Took a little computer break, and it felt great.

On my agenda for this week:

  • developing a tagging system for the community
  • finalizing some content calendars
  • writing out rules & guidelines for an upcoming contest

And for fun, I’m reading a friend’s manuscript and providing feedback. I’m trying to get back into a writing routine, so hopefully this will inspire me. :smile_cat:

(Nick Emmett) #3

I tried to do the same, we spent some time outside, watched a couple of movies when it rained and generally had a great break. Back to it today:

  • starting to connect some of the dots with our migration project - some of the pages are ready to be published. Our developer has started now and is ready to start building some of the components needed to make some things work.
  • starting to seed some momentum in to our Community regarding our upcoming offline events
  • making a start on our next member spotlight feature
  • working with our support team as we look to remove email support and drive people to/through Community for their support tickets.

(Robyn Jordan) #4

Just got back from Coachella so operating on caffeine and fumes.
I’m working on:

  • Drafting some language for customer facing teams to invite top customers to the advocacy program, any examples of language for this would be great.
  • Demographics of current community members to better curate and create content for their interests
  • (Side hustle) Writing a press release for my podcast because we interviewed a NYT bestseller and I want to get a ton of new listeners
  • (Side hustle) Launching a second podcast!
  • Job hunting in earnest now.

(Sarah Hawk) #5

Awesome! Did you see Lorde?

(Robyn Jordan) #6

I did! She was pretty great.

(Alessio Fattorini) #7

So curious to see the results :smiley:

I just use a spreadsheet with skills and names alongside

(Piper_Wilson) #8

Completely by chance, I found and was accepted into a social media internship. While it doesn’t really align with how I picture my dream community manager job, I am excited about it. My last position was on a unique platform; I was ultra focused there and spent no time learning about anything else.

This is going to be good.

(Sarah Hawk) #9

I’m excited about it (the community homepage). I’m working with @JoeBuhlig on it.[quote=“Piper_Wilson, post:8, topic:5703”]
I found and was accepted into a social media internship.

Congratulations Piper. Awesome news.

(Lacey Horta) #10

Working on an orientation training for my Community Mentors (superusers)…Finding it hard to stay focused on it!

(Sarah Hawk) #11

Sounds interesting Lacey. What’s involved?

(Lacey Horta) #12

That’s the thing…I’m trying to figure what I should include! So far it just goes over the importance of the role and ways they can help, talks about the benefits to the community. I thought the orientation was a good way to show that it’s a serious gig and give them some clarification…but I’m struggling.

(Sarah Hawk) #13

I can prob help with examples or contacts. What is the primary goal of the group?

(Lacey Horta) #14

Thanks @Hawk. The primary goal is to welcome new members and help make them feel connected.

(Colleen Young) #15

Lacey_ccs be sure to include something about expected time commitment. I allow flexibility with the time commitment, but having a defined time commitment makes it more serious and makes you look organized. I think it is respectful in a volunteer relationship to give time parameters. The bar is set low to reasonable, all of my Mentors dedicate more time than the suggested amount.

I also include a statement about the importance of Self Care, so important for mentors in a health community.

(Lacey Horta) #16

Thanks @colleenyoung I have included time commitment and importance of self care thanks for the tips!

(Sarah Hawk) #17

There is discussion around time commitment in this topic.

Autodesk Elite do a good job of external documentation, as do Salesforce.

@stephen_fell manages a successful program at TalkTalk and is a font of knowledge. Let’s tag him in.

(Stephen Fell) #18

Does your guys “moderate” if so I would have some focus on rules of the game, what’s expected of them and what to moderate as this can cause WW3.

If you’ve already got a community terms of use then it’s really just about making sure your superbusers are real advocates of that policy so form it around that.

I guess it depends on the community and users but I personally would never set a guide or even an expectation of a volunteer on my community in terms of a time commitment “unless they are staff maybe” as these guys are doing this in their own time and I think it’s really important to not cross that line of trying to make it so operational that they are like employees.

the one rule you also need to include as it should be in everyone’s playbook:

“Don’t feed the trolls under any conditions”


(Sarah Hawk) #19

Yeah – that’s one of the things that comes up in the legal grey-area a lot. It’s tricky though, because it’s such standard practice and as @colleenyoung says, it can be a respect thing.

Do you ever have issues with some people doing all the work and getting burned out while others take a back seat?

(Courtney Howell) #21

Our platform (Higher Logic) has a new tagging functionality so users will be able to tag their posts. Different kind of tagging :grin:

Oooh! What’s the podcast?! And can you share who the NYT bestseller guest is yet?

Congrats, Piper!! As many people have mentioned, usually CMs have other duties so you never know… maybe this internship will get you in the door to that dream CM job!