[17 October] What are you working on this week?

(Sarah Hawk) #1

I am managing our external dev team to iron out some bugs in our site that happened when we migrated hosts.

Then I’m looking forward to getting stuck into building out the framework for an upcoming project.

What about you?

(Lucie Pinto) #2

I’m working on getting through the Community Management Course and starting to bring our Listservs into our Community for Private Conversations.

(Ernesto Izquierdo) #3

This week, we’ve hosted our 1st Community Managers meetup, where we explained our general framework on three levels 1st corporate/organizational
2nd community level
3rd individual level

And then we jumped into our objectives, questions and challenges in launching our internal communities. We hope that some of them will join us here to exchange with other peers to learn from your experiences.

Next is working with some of our colleagues to fine tune information management dashboards to show the most relevant documents for specific searches.

Time to run!

(Mark Baldwin) #4

Soft launch of our new game in New Zealand, monitoring player feedback, gathering stats. Office move next week, so lots of extra organising to do. Feeling quite stressed which is why I am looking forward to going bouldering with my son tonight. :slight_smile:

(Gear Buzz) #5

Front (portal) page (we have just had just a forum index page for the last 14 years)

On boarding 2 exciting new affiliate income PARTNERS

Our new design rollout inches along - (The agony!) this week = new style search results pages. (Including a product search page that I hope generates new income)

(Sarah Hawk) #6


(Mark Baldwin) #7

Indoor climbing at a height that doesn’t require any equipment. This is where we are going tonight:- http://www.rokt.co.uk/facilities/bouldering/start-bouldering-rokt/

(Richard Millington) #8

Back from Venice over the weekend.

Working on:

  1. Our training programme and our big strategy resource.
  2. Updating our consultancy page. We’re still using a placeholder from a year ago.
  3. Scripts for filming our content.
  4. Prep work for a major new client.

Heading to San Francisco next week if anyone would like to meet up.

(Michael Britt) #9

Writing a survey for new members: we’re going to have a big membership drive soon and I want to have a survey ready for them when they join the community. I’ve put together 4-5 mostly open ended questions based on focus group feedback, but is there a well-established survey to find out what members really want from a community? Preferably this would contain some multiple-choice kinds of questions. I don’t want to present new members with too many open-ended questions.

Any suggestions appreciated!


(Sarah Hawk) #10

@richard_millington and @JoeNarusis would be the people to ask.

(Michael Britt) #11

I was just wondering if there was one. I did a search in the community on the term “survey” and came up with a few good suggestions from other members seeking the same kind of info. I think I got what I needed. Thanks Sarah.


(Jess Burnham) #12

We’re preparing for a new initiative that we’re launching in the coming weeks called Voice of Customer. Basically we’ve been connecting with some of our more seasoned customers and getting their feedback on our product. How they use our product, things they’d like to see added to our product, and what the market is like.

We’re also trying something new and trying to track down other Community Managers in our city (Vancouver :canada: ) at some of the larger tech companies and take them all out for a drink. Because, why not?

If anyone’s done either of those ^ I’d love to hear how it went!

(Sarah Hawk) #13

Such a great idea. I’d love to meet up with other CMs IRL here in NZ. I’ve never met a single one. I’m really keen to hear how this goes.

(Alessio Fattorini) #14

Venice?? In Italy, I’m sad man to know it only now :frowning:

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