[14 November] What are you working on this week?

(Sarah Hawk) #1

This week is a mix of project management, research, interviews, and helping with the launch and admin of our new course.

You can help me with part of the research by listing your community here.

What’s up in your world?

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(Nick Emmett) #3

So the new version of our Community is being installed in our testing environment later tonight, so much of my week will be trying to nail down the config and start the testing. I’m fairly confident. Honestly.

(Lucie Pinto) #4

I’m waiting on a header to use to email our Listserv Users. We are going to be moving our Listservs into our Community as Private Conversations. This will help us with time, cost and the project of getting more User into our Community.

I’ve been really busy lately but I’m hoping to pick back up on the Management Course.

(Kevin Bever) #5


After some prodding, here’s my first post :grinning:

I’m the Community Manager for a startup mobile and web platform called Campus Society. We cater to university and college students with a focus on learning, sharing and collaboration.

This week I’ll be doing a second pass at some of our published documentation and working on our guidelines and content policies. I’ll also be continuing with a few initiatives/projects aimed at engagement and retention of a few specific groups within the overall community.

(Sarah Hawk) #6

I can’t imagine who that could have been! Great to hear from you Kevin. Welcome. :slight_smile:

Sing out if you want any resources for any of the above – I don’t know how far through the process you are, but we’ve talked guidelines a few times and I’d be happy to dig out some examples.

(Alessio Fattorini) #7

Writing our new release announcements and starting a new community for customers, pretty nervous for this because it is a different userbase respect my actual community.
Also I need to work on my presentation (I’m holding a talk in 10 days) called “how to make your project awesome building a community around” :wink:

(Anita Jiles) #8

Our association is in the process of implementing Social Link, an online community tied in to the Your Membership database. We have a lot of great ideas, but I’m here to learn the best ways to get started and make this thing a success. Looking forward to learning.

(Sarah Hawk) #9

Great to hear from you Anita.

Will it be a community to support educators?

(Anita Jiles) #10

Yes, our association represents Texas elementary principals serving grades PreK-8. We have approximately 6000 members, but many are not technologically savvy so our goal is to start with a small group around a couple of key topics, build some thought leaders and expand from there.

My colleague @Kirstenhund and I are talking about training our volunteer leaders at a meeting right after the first of the year, and then start building some content around our summer conference.

(Sarah Hawk) #11

That sounds like a solid approach.

@Jay_Pfaffman will probably have value to add here.

(Jay Pfaffman) #12

Hi, @anita. I was once a technology professor in a college of education. It appears that I now make my living installing and supporting Discourse.

I had my students use Discourse in some online classes I taught. I had a couple of challenges that might be worth a look. One is Discourse Basics and configuration that has people do basic configuration stuff and this one that has people figure out how to use Markdown.

There’s been some discussion over at Meta about a new Bot that helps new users get started.

(Jay Pfaffman) #13

I’m a month in to being the official community installer for Discourse and I’m slowly working on developing other products. When someone offered me $100 to set up Let’s Encrypt on his site, I added a Discourse SSL product for him. Someone else wanted both Discourse and Wordpress, so I’ve added a new product that is an install of Wordpress and Discourse on a single Digital Ocean Droplet.

(Sarah Hawk) #14

Nice! Congratulations.

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