[12 September] What are you working on this week?


(Sarah Hawk) #1

This week we’re doing a test migration onto a new host in the hope of improving site performance.
I’m building out a framework for a new content piece that we’re working on.
I have two Member Spotlights to put together.
I’m digging into our onboarding stats and revisiting the CTAs in our emails.

Giving the best first impression (through email) after members sign up
(Alessio Fattorini) #2

Working on @CLSxItaly organization www.clsxitaly.org (community leadership summit) in Rome. I’m preparing a talk for this event about how to keep high engagement using culture and strategy.

(Bas van Leeuwen) #3

I’ll be off for the next two/three weeks (maybe shorter)

(Nick Emmett) #4

I have a day today of tweaking, data, out-reach and new members before having the rest of the week on an off-site training course, Selling Through Curiosity, I’m hoping to garner some nice nuggets I can use in a Community Context, lets see.

(Courtney Calvin) #5

Tomorrow we’ve got a world wide live online (internal) event with panelists in Washington, D.C., Indonesia, and Ethiopia sharing experiences with portfolio reviews. We’re stretching our comfort zone further by using video. Tech tests went well and we may have our largest audience yet! Our goal for the event is to get people to talk so we can hear their voices to build relationships instead of relying on the chat.

(Sarah Hawk) #6

Wow, good on you! Will this be your first speaking gig?

(Sarah Hawk) #7

Sounds amazing. I’d be interested to hear about your learnings. Best of luck with the tech!

(Alessio Fattorini) #8

Actually, I’m pretty used to talk about community stuff. Already organized and talked at first edition in Milan. Recently I talk about “how to build a community around your product” with 60/70 developers. I’ll have a talk also at http://milan2016.codemotionworld.com in November very cool event.

(Mark Baldwin) #9

Very exciting times here. After 2 successful Beta tests we are ready to update our existing game (New Star Soccer) and we are ready to soft launch our next game (New Star Cricket) we are also pouring over all the data we got back from our Beta testers and engaging in some user profiling. First matter for consideration is seeing if the Cricket game is too easy/difficult and work on the difficulty curve.

(Jay Pfaffman) #10

A site that I just imported to Discourse from 20 years of mailing list archives is going live this week. I just made some a tweak to the Discourse Kunena3 importer to include links to uploaded files, and I’m about to start a transition from BBpress to Discourse. It’s as if I am actually going to be able to make money doing consulting with Discourse.

Meanwhile, I’m working on a script to take discussion data from Canvas and prepare it for analysis with tools like ATLAS.ti.

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(Ernesto Izquierdo) #12

I would also be interested in your results from the talk… I’ve always found it difficult to generate valuable conversations when you have a huge audience. It’s just really hard to give enough time to each participant, chose the right ones, and keep the attention of so many people together. Looking forward to your learnings. :slight_smile:

(Courtney Calvin) #13

We had a great turnout, peaking at about 35 participants compared to 10-12
in other events. They had a rich chat during the discussion and we asked
their questions and read comments to connect the panelists to them. About
7-10 actively engaged in the chat. We also started by practicing using the
hand raise feature in Adobe Connect and that went well. Six people connect
by phone, so we know that at least they had the capability to speak (the
others may not have microphones). Still though, no one wanted to share his
or her voice.

We had too many to ask them to introduce themselves audibly and keep the
session moving.

The video worked well in the room. One of our remote panelists I think was
on wifi from Indonesia and his video cut out on occasion. The other remote
panelist didn’t have access to a camera in Ethiopia, so we put up her photo
and she had a good audio connection.

We will survey our respondents to evaluate the options and try to organize
a smaller group event. We also have an opportunity to convene some
community members in person next Month in conjunction with a separate
international summit for our organization.

(Gear Buzz) #14

New design roll out on Monday. Killed off the old version options
First day guests / non members experience the new look

About 30 or 40 members went absolutely ape, hating the new look.
Lots of arrows in our backs.
Had a handful of bugs we spent all day yesterday and today fixing. Most taxing was iPad pro compatibility!
Decided we will develop the following “concessions” for the angry mob.

Let users switch off avatars on index pages if they want
Let users hide first post text snippets if they want
Let users set their own font sizes.

So we will spend the rest of the week doing those tweaks.

Advertising and affiliate monetization figures are all looking elevated since the launch. yay! :tada: Increased earning may go some ways to paying for the redesign but the main goal was increased engagement and we will really want to see an increase in new users, engagement and reduced bounce rate. We will be disappointed if we find a drop in engagement.

(Sarah Hawk) #15

Interested in this. Did you redesign with specific data-driven goals in mind (i.e. did you know what the barriers to engagement were) or is it more of an overall refresh/modernisation?

(Gear Buzz) #16

No data driven nothin.

We took onto consideration that Google likes big Button targets for mobile.

On Web we created what we call the “tennis match”

An image far left & far right with text in the middle

On the main forum home page it’s

Left sub forum icon (we had over 40 made)
Right last poster avatar

In the sub forum lists it’s

Left discussion starter avatar
Right last poster avatar

The logic behind this was

Sub forum icon helps give an extra clue to what the sub forum topic might be

Thread starters & last poster avatars - on index pages and sub forum lists - to make both “famous”

Popular long running thread? That’s your avatar up there!
Who posted last? - also famous! (Until the next post)

We also added a snippet of text under discussion titles to aid comprehension at a glance of what a discussion might be about.

So it’s a two pronged attack.

Promotion of personised avatars to boost engagement
2 aids to at a glance understanding of the content (sub forum icons and discussion preview snippet)

We figure that the majority of our traffic is temporary and from Google. They get their info and then might have a look around - its this stage we feel Is critical - if all they see is a 90’s dated blizzard of dreary looking text - they may split. But if it looks cool and what’s being discussed is decoded and more understandable at a glance and is presented in a graphically up to date way - they might consider sticking around.

(Sarah Hawk) #17

Be interesting to hear how it goes. Best of luck.

(Finman) #18

Hi @Courtney_Calvin,

This sounds like a great idea with the use of video. Do you know of reliable video software to use for live streaming via a community? I am working on putting together some webinar series, but we want each webinar series to have a finale that is live online so community members can see the faces of the subject matter experts (who are also members of the community).

(Courtney Calvin) #19

We use Adobe Connect and I’ve found it to be user-friendly. I participated in an event run by another organization today and they used Go To Meeting with video.

Adobe Connect does not integrate with our community platform though, so we post the URL in the community and send it out via a calendar invite.

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