[12 December] What are you working on this week?

(Sarah Hawk) #1

On Saturday I finished the first draft of the writing I’ve been working on for the last month, so this week is about catching up and tidying up loose ends before the holidays.

What are you up to?

(Rob Bosch) #2

I am very busy creating content. Pushed some how-to’s to the community (we have a technical support community) and fired up discussion about scalability and system requirements.
I am certainly looking forward to the discussion topics about scalability and system requirements and see how they evolve. To me they are no-brainers, but they were surprisingly not addressed before in our community.

(Josh Wolf) #3

Bringing the team in the office into their new online community for testing and feedback. No pressure :wink:

(Sarah Hawk) #4

Exciting! Best of luck with it all.

(Nick Emmett) #5

It’s the time of year where it starts to get tough now! Mentally and physically I’m already on the winding down for christmas bus, but my To Do list suggests otherwise!

The new version of our Community launched (accidentally) last week so I’ve pulled a few late nights to get things to where we need them to be - this week is mainly working through the list of niggles that have emerged since launch and get as smooth as we can.

I’m also starting conversations with the people I need to be involved in the next phase of what I’m trying to do, which involves some internal customizations to our internal system to which the Communtiy integrates (Salesforce).

(Gear Buzz) #6

Testing www.goodvid.io

Getting p**sed off at Skype (buggy)
slacks Voip & screen share also not ideal.

Everything taking too long.

Rant over.

(Sarah Hawk) #7


(Gear Buzz) #8

Is that better than Skype?

(Sarah Hawk) #9

Some would say. I haven’t used it enough to vouch for it personally but it might be worth looking into.

(Ditte Mathiasen) #10

I’m busy with my master exams, I have 4 upcoming. 1 this friday and 3 more exams in january :slight_smile: But today i’m at work and catching up on some stuff!

(Nick Emmett) #11

Sounds like a heavy exam period @Ditte - what have you been studying?

(Ditte Mathiasen) #12

It is @Nick_Emmett :slight_smile: - I have a bachelor degree in digital concept development, and right now i’m taking a master: M.Sc. - Web Communication and interaction design, and besides that i work part time as a student helper in community mannagement :slight_smile:

(Richard Millington) #13

What is digital concept design? I’m genuinely curious.

(Ditte Mathiasen) #14

Hi @richard_millington :slight_smile: Sorry for late answer! Digital Concept Development is a 1½-year program teaching strategic concept development within digital commerce, design, marketing, and communication.

The education qualifies the student to work with developing communication and design concepts, digital solutions, and strategic concepts for advertising and marketing agencies with a digital profile, as well as with e-commerce, web, and design agencies. In addition, it qualifies students to manage web shops and other digital commerce solutions.