[1 August] What are you working on this week?


(Sarah Hawk) #1

This week I’m making sure I stay focused on BEEACTIVE (I have to make it to 35 press-ups by the end of the week!), summarising the client sector analysis work that I mentioned last week, putting together a couple of email campaigns for my UX community, and then taking Friday off to travel down to beautiful Queenstown for a long weekend without kids.

What is your focus for the week?

(Mark Baldwin) #2

I’ve got 2 days off this week, taking the family to Legoland in Windsor on Wednesday so need to make sure my Beta testers are all set up before I go. Managed to whittle the applicants right down and got some great data from the exercise. Just need to figure out what to do with it now. :slight_smile:

(Gear Buzz) #3

Advise packed lunch for Lego Land everything there is deep fried!!!

(Mark Baldwin) #4

Cheers, but no need to worry. I’m from Yorkshire, I will not be paying London theme park prices for anything. :slight_smile:

(Gear Buzz) #5

F’ed up mobile view. Restoring it this week.
We like snippets for new members - but veterans hate them
May have if read - hide snippet rule.

Roled out new look forum list / main index - happy with the. 50 + icon I had made. Need to do a lot of refinements.

Had a SEO / google analytics check done by Jess Spate. Thoughtful SEO the fixes we have done have boosted traffic.

Lots of ad business action and new initiatives (Adblock workarounds)

Newsletter initiative is stuck on the runway. Need to radio the pilots to see what the hold up is.

(Nick Emmett) #6

My week community wise is going to be filled with continuing work on our platform changes, I’m trying to get our integrated search tool up and running, having a couple of technical difficulties but the support team at Coveo have so far been great, and obviously I’m starting to lean on the community there a little.

I’m also reaching out to some of our most recent users that have engaged, with my two hats on here this has been quite difficult to do recently, along with keeping my user database up to date, but I’m forging some time in my schedule this important task!

(Gear Buzz) #7

If read hide thread preview snippet is live!!

(Nick Emmett) #8

@Gear_Buzz - I love how when you post a screenshot it’s always from the mobile view - is that your community’s most popular use, as opposed to via desktop?

(Gear Buzz) #9

It’s my de facto work view.

Better shot (thread titles were too huge in last one.)

Tweaked some more

Note - read threads have no snippet.

(Sarah Hawk) #10

This sounds interesting… who’s Jess Spate?

Awesome. I love how you’re willing to be flexible and always look for a solution, rather than telling people to get over themselves.

(Gear Buzz) #11


Jess there is great for giving your google analytics a though look over and then giving you actionable things to improve traffic.

Also good for tips / setting you up for operating Facebook and Twitter and knows all the latest best practices and “gotchas” to watch out for.

Hired by the hour. Good rates.

(Mark Williams) #12

As I’m back in the daily community management gig (started last week at Techsoup.org), I’m spending time integrating with their community and looking at existing strategy and next steps.

Tonight I’ve found myself rather intensely thinking about the various ways of communications, specifically Slack vs. Forums but could be expanded to synchronous vs. asynchronous communications. Questions and thoughts include but are not limited to (and presented in no particular order): what’s for where/when? Could you design a system that does both really well? In a chat style system, how to parse out semantic information? Can you parse out subjects using machine learning? With chat, is there a way to provide medium-weight subjects/topic solutions? Could you plug into a forum system in such a way to provide a “chat style” interface (which reminds me of a nice system that WebCrossing had(has?) at one time)? Maybe this mental meander will turn into a blog post at some point, maybe I’ll just not sleep well because of it. :slight_smile:

(Sarah Hawk) #13

Hey Mark, good to hear from you. Congrats on the new job.

I’m increasingly curious about this as well. At UXMastery, I use Slack heavily for community based events (weekly Q&As) which are well frequented and form the basis of excellent (esp in SEO terms) content for the blog. I didn’t ever imagine it would take off but it has. I don’t think it takes the place of forum discussions (we use Discourse as well) but some kind of hybrid system would be amazing. I can’t imagine how that would work though.

[quote=“mdfw, post:12, topic:3433”]
Maybe this mental meander will turn into a blog post at some point
[/quote] Let me know if it does. I’m interested.

(Linda Missal) #14

This week, I’m working on testing out new strategies for welcoming people to our community, and also building a cohort of Community Leaders who will help with the welcome wagon :slight_smile:

I’ve been running some experiments where I send a personalized email to prompt certain community members to create a new discussion or leave a comment on an unanswered question.

If anyone has a welcome plan (especially if you have notes about how you built it from soup to nuts) I’d love to read through it to get some inspiration.

Thanks! Have a great week everyone :sunglasses:

(Rebecca Braglio) #15

definitely interested in this one, Linda! I’m working on our welcome email right now - and we’ve been debating adding a signature to the bottom (I say we should). Do you have it sent from a person’s name/account or is it the community name/company?

(Rebecca Braglio) #16

This week I am working on a soft launch for a new community - very excited!!! So right now we are testing the site and getting all of our contributors/mods familiar with the site workings.

(Linda Missal) #17

Our official product welcome email comes from our CEO and is signed by him with his photo and everything. But since we’re a hyperlocal community (every city that we’ve launched around the U.S. has its own private community), we’re switching the signature and “from” field to be the local community manager (i.e. me for NYC).

Our goal in having it come from a local person is that it starts the relationship building from the very first touchpoint. Later on in the journey of their membership in our community, as we’ll be following up with them later on. I’ll let you know how it works out after we’ve tested it for a few weeks!

(Sarah Hawk) #18

I think a lot of this depends on the size of your community. If it’s small (like ours) then you can afford to be very hands on and granular with your approach. I message everyone personally, but that’s not feasible in many instances. It’s also not always the best use of your time.

It feels important to me here, because I think people can sometimes feel daunted and offering a personal connection first up can temper that a bit.

We’ve talked about a few different approaches over the last ~year. Here is plenty of reading about community onboarding.

I like the personal touch. I regularly get positive feedback from people about that and it’s something that I’ve noticed makes a huge difference for me (I’ve been doing a few community breakdowns recently so have been through a lot of onboarding processes!).

If it’s not feasible to actually send a personal email, then making it from a person is prob the next best. I send automated emails from ‘Hawk at UX Mastery’ so that people know it’s from me, but they have visibility of the brand in their inbox for quick identification.

(Richard Millington) #19

I hope you weren’t debating this for ‘too’ long :slight_smile:

Something I’d love to try is to have existing members welcome newcomers to the group. It’s a tough thing to get going, but if there’s a way of doing it sincerely it could be a huge win.

For the soft launch, what kind of targets/activities do you have? no. of members? Types of content etc?

(Matt Calder) #20

Working with a couple of university students in Peru to help them put on an event for their user group about free online technical training. Between their English and my Spanish we understand about 70% of what we’re saying to each other :slight_smile:
Just discovered FeverBee and interested in checking it out! The short version of what I do is manage community for online training at Microsoft https://mva.microsoft.com/ https://borntolearn.mslearn.net/ and https://www.edx.org/ are the main sites I’m involved with.
Looking forward to getting to know y’all!