1.8% Conversion Rate Metric (SumoMe)

(Richard Millington) #1

I stumbled across this article today published by SumoMe.

They studied a gazillion opt-in pop-ups to determine what converted people into mailing list subscribers.

There are a lot of variables, but the broad number is around 1.8% of people that visit a site, if presented with a pop-up, will give their e-mail address and sign up for the newsletter.

Now for a community that that requires collection of more data, that number will probably be a little lower. Based upon what we’ve seen, I think closer to 1% (if it’s clearly sign posted and the form optimised) is probably about realistic. But it gives a decent enough number to ask for at this stage (this assumes you’re using a pop-up for newcomers - we turned ours off and saw about a 10% drop in registrations - @HAWK correct me if that figure is wrong).

Now you can certainly collect more emails by putting together a more compelling offer (and the article shares a lot of tips to do this), but then you will get more people signing up and far less participating. We need people to join because they want to participate in a community, not to download more resources.

Given the broad scope and numbers involved, I thought the benchmark was interesting.

(Joe Velez) #2

It’s great to see these numbers instead of the usual - Get 20% Conversion Rate! claim

1% sounds about right for small sites. The bigger the site (more traffic) the lower the number.

Here’s what SumoMe left out…

Types of websites included in this ‘research’ ?

Collected email address is not the same as confirmed email address.

If you are thinking about a popup or have one in place consider the following:

Convince Me!

Review/Tweak your call to action and UI (user interface) first before adding a popup. If you want me to register grab my attention in a way that doesn’t disrupt my flow.

Don’t Sweat It.

If you have great content I will keep coming back. Sooner or later, I will have the time to “register”.

I’m On A Mission.

When was the last time you went to a site to share your email? NEVER.

Know Your Audience.

How well do you know your audience? Are they mobile or desktop users? Where are they coming from? (ie. social, referral, organic) Are you targeting the right group of people? (Maybe marketing message can use tweaking.)

Some Sites Need A Popup.

Yes, there are sites that need a popup. Popups on products/services page are very effective because it’s the best time to offer a discount, coupon, new product, etc. (big conversion rate)

Not Every Page Needs A Popup.

Best place for popup… Event pages, product page, long landing pages, blogs that are not open for registrations, etc

Use At Right Time

Don’t make the popup the first thing your readers see. Fire only when they scroll halfway or when exiting domain. Show only once every visit or every x days.

Know The True Value.

Conversion rates mean nothing if subscribers are not opening your email.